Team Midterms

Despite Siv Knudsen loosing her board sponsor this season, she’s still been making the best of it with trips to Canada and lots of park laps.

Where have you been spending the majority or your riding time this winter?

The beginning of the season was a hard one for me, I didn’t get to ride that much because of some health issues. In the middle of January, I came up to Whistler and I’ve been riding almost every day since, so it’s been pretty amazing now!

Photo @ponchikz


What board are you riding this season?

Sadly I lost my board sponsor, so I’m trying to hold up with my old boards as long as I can. The way the edges are looking right now, it won’t be for too long though haha.


Have you been playing more in the park or in the powder?

I’m definitely a park rat but I have to say that I’ve had some pretty amazing pow days up here in Whistler!

photo @klasnasman


What has been your biggest accomplishment in snowboarding so far this season?

I had the chance to film with this super talented photographer Zhe Nya for few days in Finnish Lapland during the New Year. I ended up with bunch of amazing shots. A few of them ended up printed in this Finnish Rodeo Snowboarding mag so I’m super happy about that for sure!


Any fun competitions or shred trips?

I have to say that one of the greatest days this season was a day trip up to Mt. Seymour, Vancouver. The whole day with sunshine, slushy snow, amazing park, friends, side hits and the day ended with the most amazing sundown you can imagine. I guess my roommate really liked the trip too since I woke up the following night when she was talking in her sleep “There were sooo many good side hits” hahaha.

photo @ponchikz


Have you been scaring yourself this season?

Well there was this gap to down rail where I landed super sketchy on the rail but luckily saved my way out from it. After that, I felt really happy to have the board control it took to get away from that one…

Photo @ponchikz


What’s something exciting that’s happened in your life this winter that doesn’t pertain to snowboarding?

I wanted to do a vegan January and I felt so great after, that I just kept going. I’ve been a vegetarian for 18 years, so it wasn’t that big of a change to my normal diet, but I’m super happy about this new life style and the way I feel!


Posted by Rachel Parent on 02/28/17

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