Team Midterms

Erika Vikander has been enjoying natures bountiful winter in the PNW and she also snuck in a little trip to Japow for the Freeride World Qualifiers.


Where have you been spending the majority or your riding time this winter?

The majority of my winter has been spent at Mt. Hood Meadows this season and the winter has been ALL TIME!



What board are you riding this season?

Niche Sonnet 147



Have you been playing more in the park or in the powder?

Powder! Snowpocalypse has been providing one of the deepest seasons I can remember.. and you never should ride park on a powder day wink



What has been your biggest accomplishment in snowboarding so far this season?

I got to go to Japan in January for the 4* Freeride World Tour Qualifier that they had there as a test event. We got to ride unbelievable powder for a week straight and then I ended up taking 3rd at the contest! I also just won the 4* Freeride World Qualifier at Crested Butte, and I’m pretty excited with how my season is shaping up to be so far.



Any fun competitions or shred trips?

Hopefully heading to Taos, NM next week for another event, as well as Kicking Horse in Canada, and Crystal Mtn. Washington. I’m also trying to squeeze in a Jackson Hole, and Whistler trip before it’s all said and done.



Have you been scaring yourself this season?

I scare myself everyday! But I’ve tried to push myself in the backcountry and natural features on the mountain which proves to be equally if not more scary than riding perfect terrain parks. Learning to read terrain and snowpacks as well as visually inspect these contest venues is scary and exciting because you have to truly believe in your own ability and trust yourself to make smart decisions.



What’s something exciting that’s happened in your life this winter that doesn’t pertain to snowboarding?

That is the hardest question of all! My energy has been so focused on winter and competing I honestly can’t answer that. But my season has definitely been exciting with all this snow!



Posted by Rachel Parent on 02/20/17

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