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Pre-season rail jams are a great way to begin the season, to calm those snow jitters/withdrawals from the previous winter. I know you’ve all been anxious through the summer months dreaming of what the new winter season would bring to the table.  Although I do enjoy the joys that summer brings and the warm weather, winter is just as fun to me as I’m sure it is to you.  Excitingly, the snow has started in the northern regions of the midwest where the snow is dumping in the northern parts of Michigan. Sadly, I do not live in the yooper country currently to enjoy like my family.  I could be running out the door to catch falling flakes and roll around in the snow.  Err…Perhaps pulling out the snowboard would be a better idea instead of having people stare strangely at my excitement expelling all at once.


Pre-season comps have been already up and going before the snow has been flying. Wahoo!  Here in the lower peninsula of Michigan pre-season rail jams have been occurring since August.  Unfortunately, during my summer Oregon adventures a mishap of a stolen rental car and all my goods inside left me with Old Flappy for the season prep competitions. Old Flappy is my few year old Rome Lo-Fi Rocker that has been beaten up pretty badly. It is beaten enough that part of the top sheet is peeling. Part of the top sheet I’ve been too lazy to cut off therefore the top sheet flaps in the wind as I ride: hence the name Old Flappy. Old Flappy has treated me well over the years and I couldn’t hate too long (and it was my only option as I search for a new board for the upcoming season). 

I’ve participated in three rail jams in Michigan so far.  Let me tell you, it is awesome to see more girls gearing up and getting into the pre-season jams.  If that isn’t enough to get you to start thinking of trying one out, then you’re missing out.  Pre-season jams are great to meet new people that you haven’t met before, or people you have met before that love snowboarding just as much as you do at any ability level. I encourage you to get out there if you haven’t yet done so to gain not only new frieds, but experiences that you will take on further in your life.  Snowboarding isn’t always about who you do or don’t know just like anything else in life, but it is a tool for you to get out and experience your life.  Good or bad, you should use it.

If you think you’re going to do bad during the jam, then you’re thinking about it all wrong. Rather, you should use this time to get your legs freshened up for the upcoming season.  If you live in an area anything like the midwest where you can’t obtain summer shred, you’re going to be left with rusty legs at the beginning.  Mentally prepare yourself to focus on the highlights of your day rather than the negative parts that occur. For example, I had a pretty nasty fall during the Birmingham Rail Jam. I caught my back edge on the front of a rail trying to do a back 180-on spin.  Instead, I ended up going into a backflip onto the ground which was pretty embarrassing.  On top of that my friend pointed that I gave a pretty good panty show to the crowd.  Unfortunately, I didn’t check to see if my leg tights were see through before the event…

However, looking back, there are many highlights to the day that just make that incident more funny than anything.  I got a great photo from the event (the one above).  I got to talk to a young girl from the local mountain and share what Shred Betties is and learn about who she was and what she was doing for the upcoming season.  Even if I didn’t get the back 180-on trick, I managed to land many other tricks I set out to do with style.  I also got to spend time with the people that I enjoy to be around at the event.  I had many other good things happen to me that day to not worry about not doing a good job.  In my book, I did the best that I could do as always.

So again, please take the time to get out and enjoy your life with snowboarding.

~Theresa Kewley

Pre-Season Rail Jams

• Downtown Birmingham Rail Jam (Birmingham, MI)
• Shredtoberfest (Cannonsburg, MI)
• Novi Rail Jam (Novi, MI)

Posted by Gabby Rainville on 11/24/14

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