Team Blog: Erika Coaching at Windells Camp

I had the pleasure and opportunity to coach at Windells Camp this summer for three sessions, and I could not think of a better way to get back on the snow after knee surgery. It is a truly special experience to get to pass on your knowledge and love of the sport to future generations. I had a wide variety of kids to teach—ranging from 6-year-olds who had never snowboarded that came all the way over from China, to kids all the way up to 17 that merely traveled from Washington.

Coaching is something that takes lots of time and patience, but it is so worth it. It also helps you get back to the basics and make yourself re-learn certain things you thought you had, or have just skipped over because they make you uncomfortable. The kids challenged me and I challenged them everyday, and man do they have a ton of energy! I look forward to spending many more summers at Mt. Hood and specifically at Windells Camp.  Thanks for having me Windells! Also, huge thanks to Nick Visconti for hiring me on this summer; it was the best possible situation coming back from this injury.

Check out some photos from camp:

Shreddin’ with fellow team rider Stephanie Sue Feld.

Got to shred on my birthday!

Getting my camper Mumi all situated.

A few riding shots from the glacier:

Follow Erika’s adventures here:

Posted by Gabby Rainville on 07/31/14

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