Team Blog: Claire’s Havasupai Falls Adventure

Claire Hewitt-Demeyer

My summer was filled with exploring new places and really putting some miles on my new backpacking pack. I put effort into getting out and camping almost every week this summer. I truly get a thrill every time I travel somewhere new.

For my 27th birthday I treated myself with a two week vacation that included backpacking near the Grand Canyon and surfing in San Diego. Five friends and I drove out to Havasupai Indian Reservation where we started our 10 mile hike down through the canyon walls. Bend after bend I felt like there was a visual surprise; every turn whether it was a group of wild horses,  beautiful balancing rocks, or the local American Indians with loaded mules trekking down to the reservation. There was never a dull moment on the first hike. 

It took us about five hours to reach the campground where we were able to choose any camping spot we wanted.  We chose this awesome location right on the water, and only a five minutes walk to both Mooney Falls and Havasu Falls. The water was a radiant blue; I would compare it to the color of blue gatorade. I was truly taken back by Havsasupai’s beauty. Over the next five days we tried to cover as much ground as possible, each day hiking to a new waterfall, and exploring more of the canyon. The water temperature was about 70 degrees, so we spent plenty of time soaking in the limestone mineral water watching the endless waterfalls surrounding us.  With my obsession of waterfalls you could say that this was where I belong.  I am pretty sure I had an ear-to-ear grin for two weeks straight.  With all the beauty inside that canyon it was extremely hard for me to leave. I could have spent a month hiking the canyon and really taking time to experience what Havasupai Reservation had to offer.  However my time spent there will not be forgotten. Here is a little edit I made from my trip.  I hope that you all have a chance to make it Havasu Falls someday!

Posted by Gabby Rainville on 11/27/14

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