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Photos by Forrest Devore

I loved being able to spend time with the Shred Betties girls on the beach in Venice for the Supergirl Jam.  We don’t usually get to hang out in hot weather, and it was fabulous. It was inspiring to watch the top rail riders in the world compete against each other.

The two wooden boxes were pretty sketchy, so I feel like if there was plastic on them, the girls would have had another feature they felt comfortable hitting, giving them a chance to show off some more diverse skills. 

Overall the event was positive for women’s action sports… It’s a one of a kind event that brings a bunch of sports together, and the size of the crowd was phenomenal! Sun, beach, rails, and Shred Betties!  Can’t beat that! I’m sure we will be there next year!

Our team riders Randa Shahin, Erika Vikander, Madison Blackley, Ashley Thornton, and Michelle Shea all competed - and here’s what they thought about the Supergirl Jam:

Randa Shahin:

I loved being with the team. It was awesome that we all had the chance to compete against some of the worlds beat female snowboarders and we were able to support each other. Our team has amazing potential and we displayed that at the competition. I’d like to see more landing next year and maybe to have some prequalified pros that are already in the finals rather than having everyone compete in the prelims to make finals.

Erika Vikander:

I loved the positive energy and the girl power. I also loved being on the beach and riding!!! Next year I would like to see less politics and more ACTUAL judging!

Madison Blackley:

This year was my first year doing Supergirl. I really liked the setup, and i heard they’d improved in since last year, to give you more time to spin off the bottom. The take off was super flat so you have to mega-ollie off the lip not to taco, which i did quite a bit. 

Next year, I hope they will fix the side ledges to be more rider friendly and not sketchy wood, maybe find a way to have a little more snow.  An extra feature at the bottom would be cool, too!  It was a pretty fun contest though, got to hang with my favorite SHRED BETTIES and NIKITA team riders, hang out at the beach, and they had FREE athlete massages! What more could you want?

Ashley Thornton:

Snowboarding on Venice Beach was truly amazing! S3 Supergirl was such a great contest this year. I had so much fun the whole time. Staying in a great hotel room with the Shred Betties team leaves my trip with only great memories to go home with!

Posted by Diana on 09/14/09

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