Team Blog: Britt Horowitz Early Season at Carinthia Parks

Words: Britt Horowitz
Photos: Mackenzie Hennessey,

With Love, From the East Coast.

Things are starting to heat up in the East Coast mountains. After spending a week visiting family in NY for Thanksgiving, I could not wait to get back on my board. I decided to stop at Mount Snow Resort for the weekend on my drive back up (to Northern VT) to visit some friends and check out their parks.

There is always some nostalgia I get when I go to Mount Snow. Back in the day, I was a weekend warrior there, pre-Carinthia. Carinthia refers to the entire mountain face Mount Snow dedicated to covering with parks. Bold move.

Right now they have an assortment of 14+ features off a lap lift perfect to scratch your preseason park itch. All mellow, good for getting your legs back under you.

I got to shred both days with Carinthia team rider Emma Graham. We have been long time friends since we met at Rails 2 Riches years ago, and I always hit her up when I am in the area! If you don’t already know, she packs a mean punch and her backlip has landed her on the podiums of R2R and Carinthia Open Mega Plaza. We hiked a bit on Saturday. Gabriele St. Georges filmed a few shots to stack for G.o.X.o, Carinthia’s female video series. Carinthia local, Jennifer Gonyea, also stopped in to take a few drops with us and Mackenzie Hennessey snapped photos throughout the day. Sunday we just hot lapped, the weather was too prime to stop.

Saturday // 26 degrees and choppy
Sunday // 36 degrees and spring

Hiking burns off those Thanksgiving Calories.

Roast Beef Backboard.


Backlip. Rider: Emma Graham.

Nosepress. Rider: Jennifer Gonyea

Nosepress. Rider: Emma Graham


Thanks to Carinthia Parks & Mount Snow for letting me take some turns! And to the DeJohn fam for the hospitality!

Posted by Kelly Vance on 12/05/14

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