Veroniqi Hanssen

Why We Love Her: Known for her clean style on rails, Veroniqi is a down to earth chick who shreds hard.  Known for her clean style on rails, her dedication to snowboarding is apparent in her annual winter migration from her home in the Netherlands to snow covered mountains like Big Bear and Park City. This year she’s dreaming up a film project that will document the girls out there who are pushing the boundaries of women’s street riding and we can’t wait to see the results. 

Photo: Jared Meyer

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Name: Veroniqi Hanssen
Age: 23
Home mountain: Snowworld, Zoetermeer
Sponsors: Elan Snowboards, Ovyo,, Melon Optics, Skullcandy, Shredbetties
Recent results:
1st PBRJ, Bear Mountain, CA 2015
1st Expression session, Boreal, CA 2015
1st Dutch Cup Slopestyle, Terneuzen 2015
1st Dutch Cup Slopestyle Finals, Landgraaf 2015
3rd Dutch Championships Big Air 2015
2nd DC Shredfest 2015

Photo: Jascha Wijden

Where will you be riding this season?
I’ll be based out of Salt Lake City and mostly ride at Brighton Resort and Park City.
But I want to travel around a lot and ride in a lot of different places.

Pick the one (or more) that best describes you: pipe jock, slopestyle queen, jib girl, powder slasher, snowlerblader:
Jib girl haha, but I’d like to also turn into a slopestyle queen and powder slasher

Photo: Jared Meyer

Pirates or Ninjas?
I’d like some ninja skills for my snowboarding.

Tell us about your plans for the season.  Film or compete?
Lot’s of exciting things happening! I hope to be filming all winter for my documentary video project, and I’ll be out in the streets to create a full video part.

What do you love most about snowboarding?
I love that it’s so creative and that you can develop your own style. It’s completely up to you to decide what tricks you want to do.
I really enjoy riding new and different features and coming up with tricks to match them, or finding a spot that matches something that you’ve had in your mind.

What is one thing that you think would change women’s snowboarding?
I think women are pushing the limits and upping the level of snowboarding every day. I don’t know if there is one thing that could change it instantly, we just need to get more women and girls involved in order to grow the sport. I look forward to the day that there will be equal prize money at contests, equal support from sponsors and full movies that have the same amount of male and female riders with full parts.

Dream pet:
A Velociraptor

Best healthy snack for snowboarders?
Bananas, easy to take with you and lots of protein and carbs for energy.

Where can we find you when you’re not riding?
In the gym lifting weights, trying to skateboard or watching netflix with my cat

Favorite snowboard in your quiver (and why?)
My favorite snowboard is my Elan Lira, it has a lot of pop, is super fun to play around on and flexible enough to do huge 5-0’s.

Favorite color:
Mint blue

Why is Shred Betties important to women’s snowboarding?
Shredbetties showcases and promotes women in snowboarding from all around the world. It motivates and empowers girls and women to start riding. I think girls feeling confident enough to feel like they can conquer a sport is what could help snowboarding the most.

Photo: Kara Rennie

Tell us something I forgot to ask you about.
I spoke at a start-up conference recently and told my story in front of about 500 people.
It was one of the scariest and most fun things I’ve ever done! I would really like to do more public speaking in the future.

Photo: Marc Obrist

Photo: Gill Montgomery


Posted by Kelly Vance on 11/19/15

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