Theresa Kewley

Representing the midwest, Theresa is known for killing it at rail jams.  We love that she’s also well-rounded; college-educated, smart, and with an adult career to boot!

Name: Theresa Kewley
Birthday:  May 4
Home mountain: Mont Ripley
Home town: Menominee, MI
Currently resides: White Lake, MI
Competition results:  3rd Place 2013 TransAm Finals

What are five things you’re thankful for this winter?
Opportunities, Adventures, Friends, Tearing up the snowboarding scene, and Food!

What are your plans for the upcoming season? 
I plan to film an edit or two during the upcoming season.  I am also planning to compete in more slopestyle events along with rail jams.

What is something that you would change about the snowboard industry if you could? 
Open the Streets comp in the Xgames to women. 

What advice do you have for girls who are about to try snowboarding for the first time this season? 
Do it for you.  I have met too many girls who have started snowboarding because their girlfriends started.  Once there girlfriends stopped they would stop snowboarding as well.  So please!  Snowboard because you want to and you will truly discover why many people fall in love with it.

Competitions or filming? 
Both.  Filming is great to showcase what skills you may have, but competitions are a great way to progress those skills.

Who influences you in snowboarding? 
My friends that I snowboard with and those who are jerks for no reason influence me.  They both teach me to ride harder and be a better person.

When it comes to snowboarding, describe your attitude.
When I’m competing it would gravitate towards being motivated and hardworking because I have come a long way to be where I am.  When I’m not competing, it is adventurous.

Best road trip you’ve been on? 
My best road trip would definitely be with Allison Goebel going to Oregon to ride on Mt. Hood.  42 hours straight driving one way, skateboarding, snowboarding, adventuring, etc. So much laughter and memories.

Pre snowboard ritual?
Stretching and food!

Off the hill, we could find you… 
Eating, playing video games, exercising, working, basically anything.

Pirates or ninjas? 
Ninjas! I am a half-ninja after all, ha!

Top 10 music list,
“Pompeii”  by Bastille
“Holding On To You” by twenty one pilots
“Fire Away” by The Swellers
“Ways to Go” by Grouplove
“Wake me Up” by Avicii
“Little Numbers” by Mutual Friends
“Down with the Trumpets” by Rizzle Kicks
“Eyes Open” by Taylor Swift
“Breath of Life” by Florence + The Machine
“Clarity” by Zedd (feat. Foxes)

Who is your celebrity crush? 
That’s easy.  Jake Gyllenhaal

If you could have a superpower what would it be? 
Teleportation, long drives in a short weekend are getting old.  Plus I could get places faster to ride longer and anywhere in the world!

What’s your sign?
Taurus – I think this is what it’s asking me…

Why do you think Shred Betties is important to women’s snowboarding?
Shred Betties is important to women’s snowboarding because it is able to exploit women to be their best no matter where they are or how much experience they have.  I support Shred Betties so that they can support all of you in living your life with snowboarding.

Posted by Kelly Vance on 12/17/13

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