Siv Knudsen

Photo: Matti Ollila - @mattiollila

Why we love her
Siv is a hard-hitting urban rider, a leader in her local snowboard scene, and a crusader for the environment.  She’s one of the founding members of Piruliina, a Finnish all-girls film crew that has been putting out edits that embrace laughter, friendship and a love for shred.  She’s also passionate about taking action against climate change, and recently became an ambassador for Protect Our Winters Finland.

Name: Siv Knudsen
Age: 29
Home mountain: Serena Ski / Espoo, Finland
Sponsors: Ride Snowboards, Pow Gloves, Stinky Socks, Sinne Store

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Instagram: @knudsensiv & Piruliina Crew - @piruliina


Where will you be riding this season?
I am actually going to be in British Columbia for January and February so anyone there who’s up for street spots or any kind of riding hit me up! Other than that I’m going to spend most of my season in the Finnish Lapland at Pyhä and Ruka ski resorts, riding park and hopefully some good powder as well.

Pick the one (or more) that best describes you: pipe jock,slopestyle queen, jib girl, powder slasher, snowlerblader
Jib girl!

Pirates or Ninjas?
Pirates yarrrrrr

Tell us about your plans for the season.  Film or compete?
Filming for sure. Though some competing is going to happen as well. But yeah going to film as much as we can!

What do you love most about snowboarding?
It’s kinda hard to explain, it’s just the feeling you get from pushing yourself into it. I love everything about it. The freedom to do whatever you want. Then again the freedom to not do anything you don’t
want to. The only limit is your mind.

What is one thing that you think would change women’s snowboarding?
I think we are definitely going to the right direction. We have great women leading the way and girls are realizing that there’s actually nothing but your own mind standing in your way.

Photo: Jani Kärppä  -   @jkarppa

Dream pet:
A monkey! Though I would never take an animal from it’s natural environment.
I would also love to have a parrot on my shoulder to talk to, ha!

Best healthy snack for snowboarders?
Homemade peanut butter & raw chocolate mmmmmm

Where can we find you when you’re not riding?
You’ll probably find me doing something involved with friends, skateboarding, food, sports or nature.

Photo: Photo: Matti Ollila - @mattiollila

Favorite snowboard in your quiver (and why?)
I love the Ride Compact, its so easy to jib with!

Favorite color: Natural colors and black

Why is Shred Betties important to women’s snowboarding?
I think it’s important for women to support each other. It’s great to see and feel the love towards snowboarding. You always get inspired and motivated when seeing girls shred with a big smile on their face!

Tell us something I forgot to ask you about.
I love the snow and nature. And mostly I love to shred. That’s why I think it’s really important for us as snowboarders, to work towards saving the winter and snow. Global warming is sadly a real deal and we need to take action now. I’m very excited that I just became a ambassador for Protect Our Winters Finland!  More at:

Photo: Aino Huotari @ainohuotari

Posted by Kelly Vance on 11/12/15

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