Marissa Krawczak

Name: Marissa Krawczak
Age: 28
Home mountain: Nubs Nob MI/Mt Hood OR

Sponsors: SnoPlanks, Sandboxland, Rip City Skate, iNi Cooperative

Recent results:

3rd Place- Wrangle the Chute, Kicking Horse BC
2nd Place-Taos Freeride Extreme Championships, NM

Where will you be riding this season?
Revelstoke BC and the North American stops on the Freeride World Qualfiers Series.

Pick the one  (or more) that best describes you: pipe jock, slopestyle queen, jib girl, powder slasher, snowlerblader
Adventure boarder!

Pirates or Ninjas? Ninjas.

Tell us about your plans for the season.  Film or compete?
Compete and take selfies.

What do you love most about snowboarding?
To me it means freedom and exploration! I love being geared up and ready for anything! It is the ultimate fun for me, I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else!

What is one thing that you think would change women’s snowboarding?
I would have equal pay at competitions, for everybody, skiiers and snowboarders, male and female.

Dream pet:
Camel or a mule to pack supplies.

Best healthy snack for snowboarders? Veggie Pizza.

Where can we find you when you’re not riding?
Looking for spots to adventure in my truck, hiking, summiting hills and mountains, cruising a skate, paddling a board, working as a wildland firefighter on a helicopter crew, at a show, practicing yoga, playing my guitar or taking photos.

Favorite snowboard in your quiver (and why?)
I like riding the SnoPlanks boards because they are all bamboo and handmade, some of them don’t even have metal edges. The ride is very different from a factory pressed board. The boards’ unique characteristics turn riding into a whole new feeling; they are fun to experiment on in different conditions!

Favorite color: Black

Why is Shred Betties important to women’s snowboarding?
It is a relatable and fun group of people doing what they love, so it makes people stoked! It puts a solid light on, not only womens riding but snowboarding in general. It encourages people to get after it!

Tell us something I forgot to ask you about.
Just a shout out, love and thanks to all of my homies, my family and my firefighter brothers and sisters!

Posted by Kelly Vance on 02/17/16

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