Janessa Bork

Why we love her
Not your stereotypical pro snowboarder, Janessa is an accomplished artist and graphic designer with a degree in fine art.  She splits her time between snowboarding, exploring the outdoors, and creating freelance art and design.  Over the years Janessa has become part of the Shred Betties family, and it was only natural that she should become part of the team.  We love the joy and laid back attitude she brings to her snowboarding - expect to see her competing this year in banked slaloms, freeride, and slopestyle.

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Website: janessabork.com
Instagram: @intothenature

Name: Janessa Bork

Home mountain: Mt. Hood
Sponsors: Shred Betties, Rip City Skate, Live 2 Ride Snowboards, Nikita

Where will you be riding this season?
Mt. Hood and Mt. Bachelor are home, but I plan to hit up Montana again, make it to Crystal Mtn a few times, and make my first trip up to Revelstoke with some friends during my birthday in January.

Pick the one (or more) that best describes you: pipe jock, slopestyle queen, jib girl, powder slasher, snowlerblader
haha. I guess Slopestyle Queen & Powder slasher!

Pirates or Ninjas?
Why yes, I do spontaneously break out in Ninja moves.

Tell us about your plans for the season.  Film or compete?
I plan on doing a little bit of both. A few contests I have lined up in my planner are the dirksen derby, smash life banked slalom, Crystal Mtn FWQ, Billabong Flaunt it, Wrangle the Chute, Dicks Ditch Banked Slalom, full sail banked slalom,  big wave challenge, and hopefully a few local rail jams and slopestyle contests.

What do you love most about snowboarding?
Being in the mountains, thinking about nothing but surfing the earth, connecting my physical abilities with mental awareness and balance, and just being free.

What is one thing that you think would change women’s snowboarding?
Womens snowboarding is already changing so much within the last few years with filming. Competition riders are even taking it back to the roots to film. I think that more female groups will want to push their creativity with filming and riding as more videos are produced like Full Moon, Outta the kitchen, and Peep Show, etc. This will give women more funding and limelight in the media.

Dream pet:
A Black Bear…. but I already have my dream pet really, Baker my Hound Dog!

Best healthy snack for snowboarders?
Bananas, oatmeal, protein bars, fruit smoothies, mate’, bagel sandwiches!

Where can we find you when you’re not riding?
In my studio engulfed in my creative habits painting away or at yoga. I think yoga and snowboarding bring my mind and body into spiritual perfection.

Favorite snowboard in your quiver (and why?)
I have been riding Live 2 Ride snowboards for a few years now and I like the “impression” board the most. It was great pop, super playful, and still holds up to big mountain riding.

Janessa’s latest design for her sponsor, L2R Snowboards

Favorite color:
Teal Blue

Why is Shred Betties important to women’s snowboarding?
Shred Betties is important because it inspires female athletes, it supports female snowboarding progression, and gives support to us as an individual and as a team.

Posted by Kelly Vance on 11/16/15

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