Angela Halo Wilson

Name: Angela Halo Wilson
Birthday: October 24
Home mountain: Heavenly Mountain Resort and Timberline
Home town: Pomeroy, Ohio
Currently resides: Welches, Oregon
Sponsors:, Heavenly Mountain Resort, Ride, Von
Zipper, Nikita and Exit Real World snowboard shop
Competition results: A few top 10 finishes in the North
Face Masters over the years, and a recent 2nd place in one of the most fun contests in the world, the Dirksen Derby, Women’s Splitboard Division!

What are your plans for the upcoming winter?
Shred pow, get out on my split board a lot, do a little competing, travel to BC and Taos, film with some locals at Hood and all this while going to school for Radiology!
What is something that you would change about the snowboard industry if you could?
I would not allow Zeaches to make it into videos. Ever.

What advice do you have for girls who are about to try snowboarding for the first time this season?
Go out and get a lesson. Once you get comfortable shredding on your own, do it a LOT! Nothing happens over night, it just takes time and practice.

Competitions or filming?
Both! I’ve always liked being a solid all around rider as opposed to only having one talent. Although, in competitions you usually only have one chance to make it count and that adrenaline gets me stoked as opposed to having a whole day to get one 10 second shot in a video.

Who influences you in snowboarding?
I’ve been super stoked on Robin Van Gyn’s video parts. She slays the big mountain scene, stepping up to some natural features that would make most men shake in their boots. Hana Beaman is such a charger and Megan Ginter’s hard work and determination has always inspired me. Hats off to those lovely ladies!

When it comes to snowboarding, describe your attitude.
I go through all these phases and they all happen in
different situations. In the back country I am very motivated,
hardworking, and pretty serious when it comes to avalanches, snow conditions and being safe. When I’m resort riding with friends it’s usually laid back and playful.
Best road trip you’ve been on?
I’ve been on so many it’s hard to pick favorites, but I’d say my favorite few have been with my photographer friend Karim Hadid. One year we went up to Whistler and to Salt Lake City for shred expeditions and shenanigans. We always have a lot fun and we’re productive and generate a bunch of content.

Pre snowboard ritual?
Usually a little stretching, light breakfast, drink as much coffee as I can pound before I get thereand jam out to some good tunes on the way!
Off the hill, we could find you…
Right now I’d have to say in school, or reading a book, doing homework or roaming the woods with my German Shepherd, Cali!

Pirates or ninjas?
Ninjas all day.
Favorite ice cream?
Coconut ice cream!

What are five things you’re thankful for this winter?
> 1. My health
> 2. My family and friends
> 3. The ridiculous amount of pow days I will have!
> 4. Warm jackets and comfy boots
> 5. Every day
Shred tunes?
In the back country I tend to stay away from tunes so I
can be aware of my surroundings, but when I do have
music in my ears it’s usually a random playlist consisting of lots of electronic music, Beastie Boys, Metallica, Paper Diamond, In Flames, all of the Marley’s, 80s classics, Daft Punk, Bassnectar, C & C Music Factory, etc… Usually just fun songs that make me smile!

Who is your celebrity crush?
Hmmmm. I must say that my man keeps me pretty happy!
Enough said!

If you could have a superpower what would it be?
Well I would definitely want to fly. That’s an easy question.

What’s your sign?
Scorpio… Watch out!

Why do you think Shred Betties is important to women’s snowboarding?
It’s a great connection to the snowboard community! It’s a great platform for up and coming riders and an awesome way to connect the community of riders to news, reviews, and useful content! I hope we inspire the shredders out there to take the next step, be more informed and have FUN!

Posted by Kelly Vance on 12/17/13

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