Claire Hewitt-Demeyer

Name: Claire Hewitt - Demeyer          
Birthday: 10/09/87
Home mountain: Snowmass 
Home town: Aspen, Colorado 
Currently resides: South Lake, Tahoe
Sponsors: Heavenly Mountain, Flow Snowboards, Shoreline Of Tahoe, Akinz, Honey Bagder Perfomance Energy and Shred Betties
Competition results: 3rd place Northstar Trans Am,1st place - On Course Rail Assault,4th place - Stateline Show Down Slopestyle, Heavenly Resort NV, February, 19, 2012

Shout outs: My sponsors for helping me through my career of snowboarding!

What are five things you’re thankful for this winter?
My sponsors, my new split board so I can really get out in the backcountry, Ullr’s decision on giving us all a heavy winter, very thankful for my health, I am also excited to learn new tricks and push myself in the sport of snowboarding.     

What are your plans for the upcoming season?
I am going to focus on filming a lot on and off of the mountain.

What is something that you would change about the snowboard industry if you could?
I believe snowboarding is perfect the way it is.  It’s developed itself as people’s passion and way of life!  When I began riding it was considered as the “thing to do” and the people who endured the sport did it because it was the new trendy way to express themselves.  Now, people can’t think of  any other way to enjoy the mountains and their life more than to be dedicated to the sport of snowboarding. 

What advice do you have for girls who are about to try snowboarding for the first time this season?
Invest in butt pads, and don’t give up on your first run. Once you master turning you will find out why so many of us are addicted to riding.

Competitions or filming?

Who influences you in snowboarding?
Currently Anna Gasser for her most recent accomplishment: cab double cork!

When it comes to snowboarding, describe your attitude.
My attitude is usually playful, goofy and motivated all in one!

Best road trip you’ve been on?
Last year I went to Utah Park City. Riding a new park, making new friends and filming in the backcountry. To me that was a Perfect trip.

Pre snowboard ritual? 
I watch the latest video on Transworld to get me excited for shredding 

Off the hill, we could find you…
hiking, snorkeling or now my new found hobby downhill mountain biking.

Pirates or ninjas?

Favorite ice cream?
Coffee Heath Bar Crunch.

Shred tunes:
I have been listening to C2C, Pretty Lights, Macklemore, and Hilltop Hoods.    

Who is your celebrity crush?
I am not really into celebrities! Not my style wink

If you could have a superpower what would it be?
To be able to transport to any location in in the world at any time. 

What’s your sign?

Why do you think Shred Betties is important to women’s snowboarding?
Shred Betties allows for anyone to be updated on major accomplishments in the female snowboard industries. It also allows for up and coming riders to really get their name out there. 

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Posted by Kelly Vance on 01/23/14

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