Britt Horowitz

Why We Love Her: Britts never been afraid of saying exactly whats on her mind. Wether it be related to women’s snowboarding progression, the competition scene, or her life off the hill, Britt defiantly brings something unique to the table. A lot of this comes from her involvement with Mascara Militia, an all-girl film crew from New England. Brit co-founded Mascara Militia, or MaMi, in 2011 when she got tired of the lack of female snowboarders in Vermont. Since then she’s spent the past few winters helping organize all-girl events such as the Not Your Girl Rail Jam, or Park Affair. She’s also brought together some of the most talented girl riders in New England, and is planning to continue this trend throughout the upcoming season.

We’re thankful to have Britt on board this winter. Not just because she’s a blast, but because she’s driven to push women’s snowboarding to the next level!

Name: Britt Horowitz
Birthday: 7/23/1990
Home mountain: Sugarbush, Vermont
Home town: East Quogue, NY
Currently resides: Burlington, VT
Sponsors: Thuro Skate & Snow, Sugarbush Resort, White Flag, Mascara Militia Crew
Competition results: 2nd place atTransAM Mtn Creek, 3rd place at Nashoba Massacre Rail Jam, 1st Overall Women’s Team 2013 Video Games Event, 3rd at the Billabong Flauntit Rail Jam, 4th place at Volcom PBRJ Waterville, 4th place at USASA Nationals Slopestyle, 4th place at USASA Nationals rail jam, YoBeat Roxy Shooting Star Contests Week 3 A-Lister Winner
Shout Outs: Uncle Tony and the whole Sugarbush PARKS crew!, the tattoo on Fetters’ face, Gabe Holm, Jay Quintin & Smokin Snowboards, all the Mascara Militia girls, everyone at White Flag, soft serve, my Shred Betties teammates & all the people behind the scenes putting in work thanks for all your support!
What are five things you’re thankful for?
Family & Friends that are family.
Graduating college.
Spongebob Squarepants.
My Aunt Heather who was the first person to take me snowboarding.
A high tolerance for pain.

Plans for the winter:
Right now I am planning to ride Sugarbush on the weekdays, while floating the East coast for some change of scenery on the weekends. There’s talk of some film trips in and out of the streets. I’m also hyped to be working with some of the most talented female riders on the east, Mascara Militia, for the resurrection of Under The Radar. I remember in 07-08 being inspired by this series and thinking Paige Rainear was the shit. Now that I’m on the Shred Betties team getting to help bring back the series is going to be rad. In the spring I’m also gonna be working on a series called Video Games.

Lastly, I wanna make it out west to link up with some friends and girls from the SB team. Nothings set in stone yet, but I’ll probably end up taking a few trips to Tahoe or Hood at some point.

Photo: Mackenzie Hennessey

What is something that you would change about the snowboard industry if you could?
Contest pressures. A good friend put it best, you either get robbed, do the robbing, or shit is fair. Something about this gamble entertains me. I try to never take results personal, and I am extremely honest with my abilities to the point where I’ll laugh about how I wasted the whole time trying the dumbest shit that probably wasn’t even cool. So yeah, I’d change the pressures, and also I wish I could change the riders who let competition results bring them down. Seeing that happen is the worst. In the end, results aren’t important. Whether you’re on the podium or not, it makes you no better than anyone else. We all rode the same shit today, we’ll all drink at the same bar tonight, and no one remembers that chill taco you stomped clean onto your ribs. It’s all about staying positive and learning to laugh a little, or a lot.

What advice do you have for girls who are about to try snowboarding for the first time?
Surround yourself with good people, keep an open mind, and make sure your gear is on lock (wear a helmet!)

Photo: Greg Furey

Competitions or filming?
This year I’m trying to focus more on filming. I’ll still be hitting up some contests like the TransAMs and PBRJS, and you can definitely catch me at Rails to Riches this December. For me though, contests are mainly an excuse to visit friends I don’t get to see all the time, or a time to check out different setups for some inspiration.

Who influences you in snowboarding?
Ah so many people. I used to think Kjersti Buaas was a boss, still do.

When it comes to snowboarding, describe your attitude.
No matter how I’m riding, there’s always a smile on my face. I’m always down to stay and hike the park after the lift closes. Some days I’m more motivated than others to go for new things, and I’m always stoked to see my friends progressing.
Best road trip you’ve been on?
Too many so I’ll pick a funny one. This past season, Krista Yergeau and I road tripped down to Mount Snow for Carinthia Open Mega Plaza. The setup was unreal. What I was really stoked on were the sled tows… That doesn’t happen too much at rail jams. On top of that, we were given a free hotel for the night. We were so hyped we didn’t think to check the name of the hotel. We dropped our stuff off, then followed our friend to some house party. Well, our friend ended up leaving the party early and was unreachable by phone. We realized we had never gotten the name of the hotel, and all our shit was there. All we knew was that it was an inn, and that it was white. I called a cab and told them to bring us to the white inn. After laughing at me for a while, the cab driver informed me there were four white inns at Mt Snow.  Eventually, we found the right one.

I still don’t know the name of that inn!!

Pre snowboard ritual?
I always get chocolate covered strawberry latte with french vanilla cappuccino from ICS before I go to Sugarbush. And sometimes breakfast pizza. I also make sure I have a jug of water or fill a backpack with kool aid jammers and snacks.

The only other thing I need is sleep. I make sure I get enough sleep the night before I’m gonna ride. I learned this lesson two winters ago when I destroyed my elbow after doing a comp on two hours of sleep. Still paying for that one.

Off the hill, we could find you…
In the hospital…...hah sleeping and watching cartoons. During the season most of my time off hill is spent planning women’s snowboard events with the Mascara Militia crew, on top of copious amounts of driving around the East coast. I also fly out west on some solo adventures from time to time. And sleep on floors a lot. Right now I actually have a bed and a house. It’s great — sometimes I forget I have a college degree.

Pirates or ninjas?
Ninjas. All the clothes I own are black.

Favorite ice cream?
Mint Chocolate Chip, the kind made by Turkey Hill, that one is the best.

Shred tunes:
Im broke just like my laptop so I leave that to Pandora. Either la roux radio or Tity Boi & 2 chainz radio, depending on how Im feeling. If I’m out hiking a rail consider me deaf.

Who is your celebrity crush?
Josh Bowman .........Daniel Grayson from Revenge….....

If you could have a superpower what would it be?
Flight. My Instagram would be pretty chill, and I could get first tracks easily.

What’s your sign?

Why do you think Shred Betties is important to women’s snowboarding?
Shred betties is important to women’s snowboarding because its an outlet for girls to find inspiration from other female riders. As much as following/watching guys riding is dope, I think it’s easier for girls to relate to girls riding. I remember back when I would search high and low on video websites for girls season edits. It’s sick that you can just go to one site and watch them all. It’s a way to track all the progression around the world of female riding.

Posted by Kelly Vance on 11/19/15

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