Audrey Hebert

Name: Audrey Hebert
Age: wise
Home mountain: lake louise, sunshine, norquay
Sponsors: ski big 3, defending awesome, unlimited skate and snow, Smith optic
Recent results:
2015 Subaru freerie series overall winner (north face master of Snowboarding)
2015 2nd overall freeride world qualifier (FWQ) for america, 4th worldwide
2015 Rhalves banzai tour overall winner
2014 Rhalves banzai tour overall winner
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Where will you be riding this season?
I started the season at home but as the freeriding competition season is now starting I’ve relocated to salt lake city.

Pick the one (or more) that best describes you: pipe jock, slopestyle queen, jib girl, powder slasher, snowlerblader
Powder slasher, mogul muncher, silly dork!

Pirates or Ninjas? Ninjas all the way!

Tell us about your plans for the season. Film or compete?  I would love a chance to film but haven’t quite been offered that chance yet, so I’ll focus on competing.

What do you love most about snowboarding? 
Choking on faceshots. All jokes asides I love that it differs for everyone. There is no rules or limits. The only limits are the ones you tell yourself.  You’re the one in charge and you make it what you want it to be.

What is one thing that you think would change women’s snowboarding?
Equal recognition. It blows my mind and upset me beyond Madness that in 2016 women still don’t get half the recognition that men do. With freeriding contest for exemple, If you compare the prize money for women’s Snowboarding to the men’s purse, it is much smaller. But we pay the same entry fee, we compete on the same venues and take the same risks. It’s super unfair and I think it dicourage lots of womens from competing. Also its the same trend with magazine and films. Women get such a small amount of exposure compared to men. I get it maybe we’re not doing triple cork 1080s, but there is still a lot of badass women out there who nail some amazing shots who deserve a chance to be published and featured. I think if the industry would be closer to 50%- 50% exposure instead of 10%-90%, perhaps more women would get out there and get after it.

  Dream pet: I want a cat name Cap’tain meow

Best healthy snack for snowboarders? dates and figs.

Where can we find you when you’re not riding? Probably outside, or at the climbing gym.

Favorite snowboard in your quiver (and why?) Burton custom X 156! it’s a beast! This board is so responsive, and aggressive I feel like it will never give up on me.

Favorite color: it kinda always changes but I really like mustard yellow.

Why is Shred Betties important to women’s Snowboarding? Because they’re doing it right. When I first came across the betties, they struck me as a bunch of rad chicks kicking ass at Snowboarding. Every single one of the betties I have met were humble, strong snowboarders looking into developing themselves and the girl snowboard community to be stronger and better. With so much of the Snowboarding culture being focussed on being marketable instead of talent I felt they were pointing in the right direction and keeping the sport about Snowboarding.

Tell us something I forgot to ask you about. I’m french canadian! EH.

Posted by Kelly Vance on 03/18/16

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