MIA Part 4 - More adventures

Week 4:
This week, for my internship, I mostly learned how to make placement sheets, the Nikita way! Of course, each company has it’s own way to make these, but in the end, it mostly ends up with the same type of information on the sheets, simply processed in a different way! Plus I worked on colorways, because most samples are produced in 2-3 different colors and did some more illustrator designs!

Oh yeah, and you can also call me the “Steam machine”! Wrinkles don’t have any game on me now! I assisted Esther for a photo shoot, I was basically in charge of steaming the clothes, believe me you need to get your hands on one of those beauties. And it was making the clothes look good on the model… I know, I know, life’s sooo hard on me!

I’m now a spinning addict more than ever, I just love the burning feeling and man it gives you nice legs. Where I’m from, that can also be called sadomasochism, hehe!

The weather got warm and it started raining again, boohoo!!! I think Mother Nature might be in her menopause, she simply can’t make up her mind on if she’s cold or warm… Glad I went riding last weekend!

Super mellow week, so Saturday I had a lil’ too much energy, I had to do something! I called up my friend Sara and off course she was down to hang!

One thing you need to know about Icelanders, is that they go out VERY late.  Since the bars are open till 5 or 6, most people actually go out around 1 or 2. In a perfect world, I would just be hit the après-ski, get drunk and leave by 9 so I don’t feel like shit to go shred the next morning, but that’s because I live to snowboard!  It’s not a number one priority for most people here, except for the Nikita family off course!

So I almost fall asleep watching the movie “Operation: EndGame”, by the time Sara picks me up, jeeeeez, it’s 1:30am, I gotta man up! And by the way, now that I could call myself a movie critic, I would highly advise you to not watch that movie, it basically blows. So does “Bitch Slap”, mostly boobs, lesbian action and bad acting, and no that’s not a porno!

So Sara, her friend Heidi & I head out to a pretty big bar where Patll Oskar, the most famous pop singer of Iceland (he makes very sugar coated songs!) is having a show and Sara’s sister has tickets for us… Aight, it’ll all sound Spanish to me anyway! Might just have to take a few tequila to wake me up!

My favorite wake up call.

Patll Oskar

Sara, Heidi and I

After about an hour, we have enough of Patll, thank god! We head out to an old Irish pub where we can pay 1 500 KR (Krona, the Icelandic currency) which is about 12$, to spin a wheel where you can win a 1L beer among other options, in which “Sorry” appears way too often! Sara wins 1 beer, well, that makes an expensive beer, but sure is better than “Sorry”!

Spin the Wheel!

We end up heading out to Vegamot, the hip-hop club, a bit more my style! Where we meet up with some more of her friends & maaaan, they most definitely had some moves!!! Great night! Somehow managed to keep my dancing shoes till 5am and off course headed out to Pronto Pizza, to make sure I get a good ‘ol heart burn the next morning, but it just felt soooo right at that moment wink!!!! Skàl for spontaneity! (Cheers in Icelandic!)

At Vegamot with Icelandic babes

Posted by Kelly Vance on 03/25/11

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