Jes Ford

Age:   25
Years Riding: 13
Hometown: Girdwood, Alaska
Home Mountain:Alyeska Resort
Setup: Rome Blue 151 board, Rome Madison bindings, and Rome Bastille boots… 22 inches, 18 degrees, -15 degrees.
Sponsors: Rome, Neff, Heavenly Resort
Recent Competitions: 1st Billabong Slopestyle 2008 at Valle Nevado, Chile; 4th Nikita Chikita Slopestyle 2008; 1st Heavenly High Roller Rail Jam 2008; finally qualified for the Volcom PB&J Finals 2008.

Tell us about your super exciting plans for the upcoming season.

Well, I’ve been living in South Lake Tahoe, CA, and riding at various resorts in the area, like Heavenly, for the last several years.  Its been really really fun, but this season I decided I want to get back to my roots a bit and go back to Alaska for most of this winter.  I grew up riding all kinds of sick backcountry terrain around my hometown of Girdwood (near Anchorage). We never had any kind of park features up there when I was growing up, and I would see all these creative looking fun features in all the magazines as a kid, and I really wanted to learn to ride that kind of stuff too! So that brought me to Lake Tahoe, and I discovered that learning to ride freestyle also really improved my abilities to ride the mountain, so I’ve been trying to progress in that direction more lately. Tahoe has a special place in my heart though, and I know I’ll be back.

What did you think of snowboarding the first time you tried it?

Way more fun than skiing!

  What song would you pick for your video part?

Something really gnar, like how all the old videos used to be heavy metal, but now they are mostly just this emo crap. No offense to any emos out there.  Maybe System of a Down or Danzig? Maybe some Iron Maiden, I don’t know…

Where do you really want to go snowboarding?

I went snowboarding all over Chile and Argentina this summer, which was awesome! I really want to go back… also New Zealand would be amazing, but its way more expensive.  Anywhere that lets you ride all year long would be just neat.

If you couldn’t snowboard, what would you do?

Cry… no really I can’t imagine a life without it. I was on skis as soon as I could walk, and was “skiing” in my Dad’s backpack before then even.  Even if I became seriously injured I could still find some way to slide the snow on some handicap contraption.

Pirates or ninjas?

Tough one, but I’m going to have go with pirates, though they have both been insanely overdone.  My friends and I all dress up as pirates on the last day that Sierra-at-Tahoe is open every year.

Park or powder?

Depends on whether its a powder day, right?

Competition or filming?

I love competing! I have so much fun pushing myself and being under pressure.  Filming is cool too, but I haven’t had a whole lot of opportunities to do much filming. I did film a little video for Heavenly’s website this last year, and it should be up on their site sometime this winter.

  Any advice for girls who want to progress in the park?

For goodness sake, try to be well rounded.  I don’t care how well you can front board a box or whatever, if you can’t charge a steep deep line or hit a big jump… I guess maybe I’ve been in California too long.

What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s happened to you in a competition?

I was in a rail jam at Sierra a couple years ago, and my bindings would not stay put! Every single time I landed a trick my back binding would swivel to positive 20 degrees or so.  Luckily I had a tool with me, but honestly I had to fix my binding every single hit! Aaaahhhh!


Non-Snowboard Activity:

Being an outer space nerd.

  Snowboard Wax:

TOKO! My dad is sponsored by Toko for cross-country skiing (he’s real good), and he sends me all kinds of fancy expensive flouro-carbon mixes that make me go fast!

Imaginary Animal:

Definitely UNICORN… no hesitation there. Preferably one that flies, you know, a pegasus hybrid.

Snowboard Movie:

Ro Sham Bo was the shit for female videos… for all time videos I’d have to say the old Boarderline videos from Alaska were awesome. I love how they were a mix of riding and skating too.


TV Show:

Whats that?


Some really good buckwheat pancakes with peanut butter and applesauce. Or anything that involves peanut butter.

Park feature:

A real good jump line.


I like to think about space: dark matter, dark energy, galaxies, stars, and how ridiculously ENORMOUS it all is. Is it infinite? (We don’t know).  A few minutes of meditation on that stuff will really put your life in perspective.





Posted by Kelly Vance on 11/01/08

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