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What SheShreds.co is All About Diana 05/02/17 0
A Parent’s Survival Guide to USASA Nationals “Experienced snowboard parent Meg Goldberg (mom of Sheshreds.co ambassador Lexi Goldberg) shares her advice for parents headed to USASA Nationals. As a parent, you have a lot of time on your hands. I don’t know why it surprised me at how much time I had once Lexi was out the… Diana 03/25/17 0
“Vlogging Sideways” Episode 2: Laax, Switzerland Diana 03/19/17 0
FWQ 4* KICKING HORSE MOUNTAIN, B.C. “The Canadian Rockies are every bit as magical as you may have imagined, Kicking Horse in particular is a special place. A relatively small resort compared to the mega corporations that seem to be expanding year by year, Kicking Horse Mountain has a total of 4 lifts that access some… Diana 03/19/17 0
A first in the series “Coaching Life”  with Diana Sciandra When I’m on the hill coaching and conditions are less than favorable, my first inclination is to cancel the day or cut it short. But if you persist, making adjustments as challenges arise, lessons abound not only for you but your athletes too! When I worked at Mammoth for the… Diana 03/14/17 0
“Carry Kindness” and help a little shredder Here at Shred Betties our mission is to get and keep little girls on the snow and in action sports, so this situation has lit a fire under us. Elliot’s board was stolen at a ski resort…we hear about this all the time and it really sucks when someone decides… Diana 03/14/17 0
“Vlogging Sideways ” by Jenise Spiteri Diana 03/08/17 0
Making the Most of Snowboarding Solo - 10 Tips From my start in snowboarding, I’ve always been that ‘lone-ranger’ so to speak. Am I ok with that? Absolutely. Does it bother me to have company? Of course not! The more the merrier! Riding solo is something special to me. It’s a pure intimate, creative, emotional rollercoaster ride; all piloted… Diana 02/28/17 0
JaPOW - Freeride World Qualifier 4* “The land of the rising sun. A label true to the name, Japan is one of the most amazing spiritually connecting places in the world. To be in Japan is something that every snowboarder dreams about, one experience I will treasure for the rest of my life. To not only… Diana 01/27/17 0
Siv Knudsen’s full part from Piruliina presents: VVA the Movie Diana 01/03/17 0
Our very own Candy Dungan racing towards the World Cup! One of our very badass interns, Candy Dungan is raising money to get to the world cup of downhill skateboarding and rally more girls to try out the sport! Check out Candy’s campaign here: https://www.darkhorsepros.com/campaigns/194             Diana 12/06/16 0
SheShreds Black Friday Sale! Deals like these will leave you feeling warm and cozy..and ready to shred! https://sheshreds.co/collections/black-friday-deals             https://sheshreds.co/collections/black-friday-deals http://www.sheshreds.co   Diana 11/25/16 0
SheShreds annual Black Friday Sale! https://sheshreds.co/collections/black-friday-deals Deals like these will leave you feeling warm and cozy..and ready to shred!       Diana 11/24/16 0
Mariah Dugan 2015-2016 edit Diana 11/19/16 0
Michelle Shea’s “Adventure Dining Guide’ Diana 11/17/16 0
This Is Life : Karly Shore Diana 11/14/16 0
Jenise Spiteri 2015/16 Edit Diana 11/11/16 0
Wellness Wednesdays: How to Get Through an Injury Shred Betties Director of Development Diana Sciandra talks to us about how to get past an injury and work towards a healthier, happier you.  Diana is a professional holistic health coach with a focus on people with active snowsports lifestyles.  Learn more at her website:  A Healthy Ride.  As a… Diana 04/15/15 0
Mary Rand Full Part 2013-14 Diana 11/04/14 0
More Early Season at Mammoth with Mariah Dugan Diana 12/09/13 0
Jenise Spiteri: Early Season at Mammoth Diana 12/09/13 0
“The Viking Tales” Diana 11/05/13 0
Summer with the Shred Betties Team Photos and a blog from Diana about this summer’s Team trip. Diana 11/04/13 0
Nirvana Ortanez recaps summer at HCSC Diana 10/09/13 0
Mary Rand’s season edit Diana 10/09/13 0
Season edit: Lejawn Allen Diana 10/03/13 0
12 Tricks with Kiersten Higginson Diana 09/29/13 0
Roxy presents Wilder- Full movie Diana 09/28/13 0
Team Rider Erika Vikander needs your help to go to the Olympics! Erika Vikander is fundraising to reach her dream of riding in the 2014 Olympics! Diana 09/04/13 0
Video of the week: Arielle Gold Diana 07/22/13 0
Melissa Evans 2013 season edit Diana 07/01/13 0
Betty of the Month: Dylan Walker Photo: Jennifer Langille Name: Dylan Walker Nicknames: Dilly, Dill Pickle, Smelly (Ty calls me that), Skittles Age: 9 When did you start snowboarding: When I was 4 years old Home mountain: Stowe, VT! I’m an East Coast girl Competition Results: This year I was the Overall Grommet Girls Champion at… Diana 07/01/13 0
Explore Iceland with One Life Diana 05/07/13 0
Betty of the Month: Autumn Inouye Age: 14 Years snowboarding:6 Hometown: Hood river, OR Home mountain: Mt. Hood Sponsors: Betty rides, Nike, Flux Bindings, IPS, Roxy Snowboards Recent results:1st in State for HP 2013. 6th in Nationals for HP 2013. 3rd at Nationals for Rail Jam 2012. Too many to count. I think I did over… Diana 05/01/13 0
Video of the week: Marissa Krawczak Spring 2013 Diana 04/27/13 0
P.S. Episode 9: Sticks and Stones Diana 04/26/13 0
Video of the week: Ride with Claire Diana 04/25/13 0
BETTY OF THE YEAR: Ashley Thornton! Ashley is a solid big mountain rider and excels at pretty much everything on the mountain, but what truly makes her special enough to be named Betty of the Year is her passion for snowboarding.  She is the epitome of a “soul shredder,” someone who snowboards because she really loves… Diana 04/16/13 0
Billabong’s Flaunt It Finals recap Diana 04/12/13 0
Diana checks out the Burton Riglet Park Burton created the Riglet Parks to show parents that kids can snowboard at a really young age and that they don’t have to start on skis. The parks feature a unique learning environment with tools designed to engage kids to learn in a fun way.  Available Burton kids gear features… Diana 04/11/13 0
Supergirl Snow Pro Event Recap Diana 04/11/13 0
Video of the week: Erika, loving life! Diana 04/08/13 0
Erika rides the Big Sky, resort that is. Erika Vikander checks out Big Sky resort in Montana Diana 03/30/13 0
Ms. Superpark 2013 Diana 03/27/13 0
Sharing a good interview from “The Raw Livestyle” Retired Pro Snowboarder, Priscilla Levac’s new mission is to teach about the raw food revolution and shares an interview she had with pro snowboarders Kimmy Fasani and Gabi Viteri. http://therawlivestyle.com/ “The number one benefit in eating a plant-based diet is digestion; by having proper digestion we’re able to absorb nutrients… Diana 03/26/13 0
Bear (not so naked) Ladies: Episode 1 Diana 03/18/13 0
Claire podiums at the Trans Am at Northstar Claire Hewitt-Demeyer tells us about Trans Am Northstar Diana 03/18/13 0
Vera’s Shredventures: Episode 5 Diana 03/10/13 0
Vera’s Shredventures: Episode 4 Diana 02/26/13 0
P.S. Episode 4: Ni Hao! Hello Diana 02/22/13 0
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