Ty Walker blogs about the WSC in Oslo

It was a long week in Oslo and I was definitely ready to head home for a much needed break before Grand Prix and U.S. Open! Over all, I was pretty happy with my result at World Championships and I was proud of how I rode. The course was a little challenging, but really fun! Here’s a shot Dave took of the first jump:

On our way from Austria to Oslo, our clothing bags got lost as well, and Dave and I were officially left with nothing but the clothes on our backs. I was starting to get into a bad mood about the trip as a whole just as the airlines called and said that not only our clothes bags would be arriving the next day, but our board bags as well. It was so awesome to be able to ride with my own gear! It was nice to be able to sleep and chill for a day in Oslo anyway. After that, it was game on. I went through 3 rounds of contests and rode the course for 7 days straight.

It was pretty windy on the day of qualifiers, and so I put down a mellow run with a back 3 and a back 5 and that was enough to get me through to semis in 3rd place. The semi was super stacked though, and there were so many good riders, but again it came down to being able to put down something clean and solid. I did back 3, front 3, back 5 and qualified in one of the “Lucky Loser” spots. My goal for the trip was to be able to spin every jump and to make it to finals, and I was really happy to be able to get both of those done! The day after semis was supposed to be a practice day, but a thick fog rolled in and none of the riders could hit any of the jumps. I decided to practice some rail stuff, but after belly flopping down the landing of feature 5, I was kind of over it.

That night, it rained a ton and froze over for finals day. The grooming was kind of rough due to the slushy snow the night before, and the course was basically a nightmare. I decked the first jump on my first run in practice and took practice pretty easy after that. In the contest, the goal was to do back 3, front 3, back 7, but I never made it past the first jump. I couldn’t land my back 3, which was frustrating, and then on my last run I was so focused on the jumps that I fell on one of the rails up top. I was bummed that I fell on the easiest parts of my runs, but I realized that I achieved my goals for the contest and anything on top of that would have just been a bonus. I ended up in 9th place, which I am still pretty happy about considering the level of riding at the contest. Congrats to Spencer for putting down an amazing run and winning,  Jamie for slaying all week and getting 2nd, and also to my best friend Benji for killing it in all 3 events and even making it into pipe finals and getting 8th!

I ended the week packing and having a delicious pizza and chocolate cake dinner with my BFB!

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Posted by Diana on 02/28/12

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