Spotlight Shredder: Meg Pinsonneault

Name: Meg Pinsonneault
Age: 32
Years Riding: 19 years
Hometown: Los Angeles CA
Home Mountain: Mt Baldy



Best spot on your home mountain?
Living in Southern California, the mountains can get easily crowded. So, when the snowfall is decent, my favorite hometown mountain is a little­ known, family­ owned spot called Mt. Baldy. It’s boasts tough terrain, tons of natural features and tight trees which keep the crowds away most of the time. But for locals like us, it’s heaven. My favorite spot at Mt. Baldy is a peak called Gilligan’s Island. Named after a nutty local, Gilligan’s Island is a famous for its fluffy powder during El Nino years. But it’s also known for the incredible view. As the legend goes, Gilligan himself would haul a couch and grill up to the peak, hence the name, and chill out on warm days with beer in tow. But it’s not a legend. I met Gilligan a couple years back and the legend is true. That’s why I love Baldy so much. The terrain is badass, but so are its people and stories.

How has your season in California been with the low snowfall?
Not great. Mt. Baldy didn’t even open last year. But we’re hanging in there. After four very dry years, I have hope that this season will bring the powder gods back to the west coast. There are numerous reports indicating we’re in the beginning of an El Nino shift, meaning lots of rain and snow to come. This is great for riders, but not so great for homeowners. They’re predicting record landslides this winter. But that means record snowfall too. Personally, I’m ecstatic.

How would you describe yourself as a rider?
Strong, solid, and fast. I blew my ACL out a couple times on big jumps. So my riding style has changed over the years. I still enjoy hitting jumps and boxes, but I’ve also picked up a love for speed. I absolutely love finding natural features to hit as well.

Powder or park?
Pow all the way. There’s nothing like flying on fresh powder and hitting natural fluffy features. I’d chase that feeling to the ends of the Earth. But you can’t beat a park day in the spring. It’s all good.


What’s your setup for this season?
I’m currently riding a Burton Feelgood 150 with Lexa bindings. A friend of mine is a designer for Vans. I scored a sweet pair of boots that never hit the shelves. So I’m riding with one-­of-­a-­kind boots that no one else has ­­and I love them!

If you could travel anywhere to snowboard, where would it be?
Hard question. There are so many place I want to go: the Andes, New Zealand, Alaska. But I think the Himalayas are at the top of my dream destination list. My fiance and I have plans to spend our honeymoon shredding in Argentina and Chile. One down. Lots more to go.

Name a pro snowboarder that inspires you.
I’m a big fan of Kelly Clark. She is the definition of a badass. Confident and fearless. But she’s also humble, well-rounded, and real. I love that Kelly is involved, compassionate, and not complacent. She’s using her success responsibly and helping others, like her foundation that helps kids through snowboarding. Even after all her fame, Kelly seems like someone that you can drink a beer with and I really respect that.

What would you say to convince a friend who’d never tried snowboarding before to join you on the hill?
It’s gonna hurt, but it’s worth it. Sometimes that works. A lot of times it doesn’t.


If you were to choose a perfect shred day how would you describe it?
The day starts early with a cup of coffee and that lovely snow covered silence. Chasing the first tracks to the mountain, we ride powder through the trees all day. Snow covered log rides and open fluffy faces are plentiful. It snows all day with that light, fluffy goodness melting on your face. Then the sky opens for sunset and glows against the silvery shadows cast by the looming mountains. It’s the kind of day you wish would last forever, but seems to go by in the blink of an eye.

I saw that you were a filmmaker/photographer, and then some! Tell us a little bit about what you do.
I’m an award­-winning filmmaker, writer, and photographer with a background in social media and marketing. I’m the founder of Weird Pixel, a small media production company, and a jill of all trades. I believe that weird is awesome, hence my company name, and I seek out lesser known stories to tell. I currently have two feature documentaries releasing this year, one focused on a famous circus hero in San Francisco and the other following a Filipino family’s journey to help their kids with facial deformities. With some help here and there, I’ve created both films almost on my own with little money or resources. I’ve made a handful of award­winning short films and screened at over a dozen international film festivals. I’ve been featured in print with Cupcake Quarterly Magazine and Conscious Magazine, and online with Indiewire,, Kodak, Take Part, Film Courage, GOOD, and some others. I’m passionate about using my skills to tell innovative stories and help others in need. I’m also a contributing photographer to the stock photo website, Stocksy, an award-­winning art director, poet, and first class weirdo.

What can we find you doing when you’re not snowboarding?
As a freelancer and business owner, I work long, hard days. But I also play hard. When I’m not working or snowboarding, I’m exploring or wandering. Skating, surfing, and wakesurfing fill a lot of my leisure time. I love to camp, get dirty, and spend as much time outside as possible. We recently began converting a van that we lovingly named Carmen Van Diego. The possibilities for discovery are endless and I love that feeling. No matter what I’m doing, photography is always involved. You’ll also find me frequenting small Southern California venues to watch old punk bands fight out on the stage like the good ol’ days. Long story short, I’m never bored.


How have you spent your summer?
This summer has been spectacular so far. June marked our first cross country trip in Carmen Van Diego. We explored the glorious and highly underrated, South Dakota, and almost didn’t leave. Then we moved on to Montana, Wyoming, Yellowstone, and Idaho before heading back to California. It was the best 2 weeks we’ve ever had on the road. We’re gearing up for a trip to Yosemite for the Perseids Meteor Shower. I also love shooting night photography and starscapes. Then we’re off to Belize in September to explore hidden caves, ancient ruins, and empty beaches. I’m stoked.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?
The ability to FLY hands down. I have fairly vivid dreams and flying has always been a big component of my dream state. I fly so much in my dreams that it feels almost unnatural not to fly in real life. The ability to fly always gets me out of sticky situations in my dreams, like when you try to run but your feet are like molasses. So I just ­­fly. Imagine how incredibly useful that would be real life. I’d give anything for wings!

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Posted by Gabby Rainville on 08/24/15

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