Spotlight Shredder: Marina Sanchez

Name: Marina Sanchez  
Age: 21 Years Young
Years Riding: 3
Hometown: Falher, AB. Canada
Home Mountain: Powder King, British Columbia

Best spot on your home mountain?
On a pow day at Powder King it’s all good! PK has an average annual snowfall of 41 feet per year, 1250 centimeters, which for us Powder Hounds translates into HAAAALLELUJAH!! Even though the mountain gets loads of snow every year there are quite a few flat spots so knowing where to go and more importantly where not to go is key. My favorite spot would have to be in the slack country, skier’s left known as the Elevator Shaft and the 86’ers. Lots of great tree riding to be had in the area! Also a hike up to The Peak is always a good time, an unbelievable “surf the earth” feel is what you will get on the way down! Here is a picture on a ride down from the Peak:

How would you describe yourself as a rider?
Not always the most graceful but I always push myself to keep up with the crew! I’ve only been riding for 3 years so I’m still fairly new at it, however I think I have learned a considerable amount. I know that I ride the way I do because of how much my boyfriend Dale has pushed me. If I couldn’t keep up I was left behind. I know that sounds odd but really it’s what turned me into the rider I am today. Just another one of the guys having a good time!

On Instagram it looks like you found some powder this season even though it’s been dry. Where did you find the goods?
Mostly Powder King! Like I said “mucho” snow! I was in Fernie British Columbia for New Years week, Sun Peaks in February, Banff for Easter long Weekend and Jasper in April. Every trip we happened to stumble upon amazing snow conditions, which was extremely lucky considering how dry it was all season. But that never gets me and the crew down! If there’s no natural snow to play in out in the mountains, we will steal it! Now before you call me a criminal, hear me out: in my home town we have an ice rink and the Zamboni floods the surface several times in one day, which means the Zamboni needs to be emptied several times a day. Where does all that snow go? OUTSIDE! For anyone to claim as their own. So we show up with either pick-up trucks or even a gravel truck, load it up and take it to any jib site we choose! It’s not always about waiting for Mother Nature to dump her wonders on us. Sometimes you just got to get your butt in gear and earn your turns!

Highlight of this past season?
My highlight of this past season would definitely have to be the last trip I went on. We went to Jasper with a great crew and managed to be blessed with some fresh snow!

Powder or park?
I am a HUGE powder hound. Not much can beat the incredible feeling of floating on top the snow. Being able to just enjoy the ride, feel the cold air and smell the fresh air of the outdoors. I am truly grateful that I have the ability to feel that feeling months at a time!


What’s your setup for this season?
I actually have 2 boards that I rode this season. The first is my ladies GNU Pickle and the second is the Bataleon Distortia. For both boards I simply switch one set of bindings over to what ever board I want to use. I have the Rome Strut bindings as of right now. Something that I am very excited about for the coming up season is split boarding. I have recently purchased the Howler from Trappers Snowboards out of Revelstoke. I am extremely excited to hop onto this baby and shred stuff that not everyone else gets to even see! That will be another way for me to push myself as a rider.

If you could travel anywhere to snowboard, where would it be?
If I could travel anywhere to snowboard, I would definitely go to Japan. Not only is it a place I have always wanted to travel to, but I’ve heard that they have some gnarly terrain and amazing views. I would really enjoy to venture out, see things not many others do and experience an entirely new culture. Not only would the snowboarding terrain be much different than Canada’s, the culture and massive language barrier would be an adventure on it’s own! Complete excitement and chaos—just the way I like it!

Name a pro snowboarder that inspires you.
Bode Merrill is pretty sweet, his part in Heavy Mental blew my mind!

What would you say to convince a friend who’d never tried snowboarding before to join you on the hill?
“I DARE you to try snowboarding!” Then I would tie them up and drag them out myself if they refused! I don’t know many that would refuse an opportunity to try something new.


If you were to choose a perfect shred day how would you describe it?
If I could describe a perfect shred day I would only need 4 things.
1- Riding gear
2- Solid crew
3- Massive dump of snow the night before we shred
4- Bluebird

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?
Definitely the power to fly. Not only would the an incredible feeling but it would also be extremely useful. I went skydiving once and even though I was simply “falling with style,” it was truly amazing! It would also be very useful. Instead of driving to work, I would fly. Instead of walking around, I would fly. More importantly it would bring snowboarding to a whole new level! When I wipe out I would be able to take flight and make it look cool. I would be able to snowboard right off a massive cliff and bam—I’m flying!

Would you be more likely to survive if your socks are always wet or if your goggles are constantly foggy?
Foggy googles, absolutely! Can you imagine how uncomfortable it would be to have wet feet all the time? No, thank you.

I would like to end this article with a huge thank you to Shred Betties for the opportunity to be a part of this!

Posted by Gabby Rainville on 07/26/15

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