Spotlight Shredder: Crystal Legoffe

Name: Crystal Legoffe
Age: 19
Years Riding: 15
Home Mountain:  Mt. Sima


Best spot on your home mountain?
The park! Our park builder made so many rad new features this year.

What is it like living in the Yukon Territory? What’s the snowboard scene like?
The Yukon is the most beautiful place I’ve ever been (and the coldest). The snowboard scene is small but constantly growing! This year we had pro riders Jess Kimura and Ben Bilocq come up and ride our pre-season park in November! So that was super rad. Our park builder Tyler Nichol has been extending our seasons by building a pre-season and end of season park on the bunny hill. I think snowboarding in the Yukon is just going to get bigger and better.

How would you describe yourself as a rider?
I would describe myself as dedicated. Snowboarding is the best part of my life, when I’m not on snow I’m thinking about being on snow.

Powder or park?
We don’t get pow at Mt. Sima so I’m a pure bred park rat.


What’s your setup for this season?
  151 Gnu Jamie Anderson Pro Model (Thanks COC! I won this rad board through an Instagram give away, crazy right?)
  32 Lashed boots
  Union Force bindings

If you could travel anywhere to snowboard where would it be?
I would love to go to Japan, not only for the crazy amounts of snow but an entirely different culture too!

Name a pro snowboarder that inspires you.
Well, I don’t know if she’s a pro but Dyke Boy also came to Whitehorse with Jess and Ben. She spent some time filming with me and was just so stoked on what I was trying. She got me so pumped for the entire season and I think its one of the reasons I pushed myself so hard. Thank you!

What would you say to convince a friend who’d never tried snowboarding before to join you on the hill?
I would say that snowboarding is the best part of my life and that if they try it they should prepare themselves because they might get addicted! And that falling doesn’t hurt…that much.


If you were to choose a perfect shred day how would you describe it?
Hot laps in sweater weather with people that love snowboarding as much as I do

What tricks or goals did you accomplish this season?
Well this year I competed in my first ever competition…the 2015 Canada Winter games and I even made it to finals! So I was super happy about that. This was also my first year riding park seriously and everything I did this year was new. Tricks I have successfully landed this year include: front lip, backside boardslide, frontside 180’s onto rails, back and front 180’s out, grabs front side 360s, hand plants. Things I didn’t land: switch back board to death, back side corked 180’s to face, 50ft jump to penguin slide.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?
To recover from injuries faster! Or fly so I don’t have to wait in lift lines and take the chair.

Would you rather land the one trick you’ve always wanted on film but your wearing a chicken suit or have a feature in a magazine where they got your name wrong every time?
Oh man, I would probably pay someone money to film me doing my best trick in a chicken suit. I think it would help make a killer edit!  (look for it in my next edit maybe?)

Photo: Tom Patrick, Yukon News


Posted by Gabby Rainville on 06/29/15

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