Lexi Roland

Mini Shred - Alexis Roland

June 1, 2007

Birthday: June 13, 1999
Home: Bloomington, Minnesota
Stance: Regular
Sponsors: Burton, Anon, Dakine, California Pizza Kitchen, Minnesota Twisters, Zombie Boardshop

After seeing the YouTube footage last year of six year old Alexis Roland, we had to see her ride. At six, she was hitting rails that towered over her tiny frame and doing tricks that some of us big kids haven’t even attempted. Now, a year later, she is sponsored by Burton, Anon and Dakine, riding her own custom made Burton 111 cm snowboard ... and going to classes in the first grade. Possibly the youngest female rider to have a video part, Lexi has appeared in “Frozen Assets” from First Track Productions, as well as the bonus footage in all-girl film “Ro Sham Bo” from Misschief Films. Known for her natural talent and fearlessness, she has been an inspiration to female riders young and old to go for it, face their fears, and progress their snowboarding to the next level.

So, when Sunlight Mountain in Glenwood Springs, Colorado contacted me with a chance to meet Lexi in person at the rail jam segment of their annual King and Queen of the Mountain competition, I was excited to finally see her ride. Recovering from a flu and feeling the effects of the altitude, Lexi was not able to ride much the first day I was there, but she showed up excited for the rail jam the next day, and hiked the course with all of the other athletes, even though it probably took her twice as many steps. Lexi placed first in her division of the competition, earning the title of Queen of the Mountain. Although 9 year old Meliea Sanchez, the second place competitor stomped everything she , Lexi won over the judges with more technical and difficult tricks, including a 180 on to switch 5050, 180 off, and a boardslide with a tail grab.

We can’t wait to see Lexi progress and watch the impact she has on women’s snowboarding. After witnessing her fan base firsthand, we expect Lexi to inspire many more young girls to take up snowboarding, and head into the park.

Posted by Kelly Vance on 06/01/07

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