Kelly Clark at the X-Games

Shred Betties staff Halley O’Brien caught up with Kelly Clark after the 2008 X-Games halfpipe to talk about her 2nd place finish, her 1080 attempt, and more. Here’s the interview:

You threw down huge last night, what goes through your mind before you leave the lip, and you’re above the crowd with all the cameras flashing.
You know, I’ve done it a lot before, so I get pretty comfortable up there. When there’s the crowd and the cameras, you definitely get a little more hyped up than normal, and really kind of push it like I did last night.

Does that ever distract you, or are you just in the zone?
I ride with headphones, so that just helps me tune out the rest of the world, so my runs last night were just like any other halfpipe run I would ever do.

What’s some good music that you like shredding to?
I’ve been really into Ian Macintosh lately, David Crowder is good, Sean McDonald, a bunch of different people.

Yeah, I’m always looking to update my riding playlist. You almost got the 1080, that’s gotta kill you right? So close, but so far.
Yeah, I was really happy with my riding last night, I was able to land my 9 clean, first run, which enabled me to just go for it with the 10’s. That was the closest I’ve ever come to landing them, so that’ll be soon.

That’ll be awesome… the first time a woman lands a 10 in competition. When do you think you’ll try it again?
I’ve been working on it for a few weeks now, and I have a week and a half off right now to train, so hopefully by the time I get to my next event I’ll have it all buffed out and ready to go.

What kind of riding is your favorite? Park, or powder?
Everyone loves a good powder day, but we don’t get those every day. I’d say I really like riding halfpipe, and that’s why I compete in it.

What were the conditions like in the pipe?
This pipe has been amazing, there’s not even a bad spot in the wall, which makes it really easy, because you don’t have to think about anything but the tricks you want to do. Last night it was a lot faster than it’s been, I hadn’t gotten to ride it at night yet, I’d only been practicing during the day and so when we showed up last night, you were going a lot faster than you were during the day.

One last question, do you prefer pirates or ninjas?
Pirates for sure.

Any reasoning behind that?
Because they talk way cooler than ninjas.

Posted by admin on 02/15/08

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