June Bhongjan on Peep Show

Rider June Bhongjan has teamed up with Esthera Preda and a crew of female riders to put together a new rider-driven all-girl film featuring a talented crew of female snowboarders.  You can watch the trailers on Vimeo and stay tuned to the peepshow blog for more releases.  If you’re in the Whistler area, you can see the film at Garfinkel’s on October 1st.

What’s your role with Peep Show? How did you get involved?
I met Esthera 2 years ago during Bear’s “Wide Open” event.  I had a few shots in her movie last year and decided to film with her again.  Peepshow started with Esthera, Magalie Dubois, and Laurie Gauvin.  I hopped in the picture and now its basically Esthera and I taking care of everything.

How did you come up with the name Peepshow?
Magalie came up with the name.  I liked it.  It just shows that from the beginning, we wanted to take the movie lightheartedly and have fun with it.  We had similar tongue in cheek names like “Tits Deep” or “Does this Rail Make My Ass Look Big?”, but Peepshow stuck because it was the least risque and made the most sense.

Which riders will we see in it?
Jess Kimura, Colleen Quigley, Marie Hucal, Bev V, Sara Phillips, Madison Blackley, Tarah Michilot, Cellia Miller, Desiree, Pelosi, Esthera, and myself.  We also have some shots from Hadar, Izzy Lalive, Sandra Hillen, and Gabby Maiden.

Is it stressful to work both in front of the camera and behind the scenes?
Fuck. Yeah, that’s the most stressful thing about it.  Esthera and I have to take care of riders, plan trips, film riders, and somehow try to have a video part at the end of everything? This project made it really hard to snowboard, but Esthera and I felt that making the film and helping our riders were more important than working on our own parts.

Did you do a lot of traveling to make the film?  Go anyplace new and exciting?
We definitely had some fun trips. Esthera and I drove form SLC to Quebec which took 2 or 3 days. Met up with the girls there and also did a trip to Bear and Hood.  Hood was amazing.  We camped out, bathed in lakes, slept in parks, drank from waterfalls, oh, and we snowboarded a little too.
We didn’t have the funds to travel much but we were able to get footage from girls from everywhere. We have some shots form Japan and Germany, but most of our footage is from Quebec, Montreal, SLC, Whistler, BC, Hood, Bear, Michigan, Mass, and Colorado.

Did you or the other girls have any crazy injuries or falls we’ll get to see?  Does that sort of thing close down shooting for the day, or do you have to work through it?
Jess has a crazy one where she 5050s this rail on top of a roof, falls backwards, bangs her head on the roof, does a back flip and lands in the tranny.  Then she burps.  No joke. She’s like cat woman or something.
Our whole movie consists of crazy injuries and miracle bails.
It doesn’t necessarily close down shooting. If one of us gets hurt, the injured one takes a break or ends up filming; OR we just cry and sit in the car and whine about how much we hate snowboarding.  Then we do it all over again the next day. 

What did you enjoy most about filming?
Filming others?  Sometimes I get an cool artsy shot with a good angle, but I usually suck at filming.  I love filming super 8mm. There’s just something film captures that digital can never offer.
As far as being filmed? It puts the pressure on to try harder and new things.  I also like watching it in the end and picking out all the things I need to work with with my snowboarding.

Were there ever times when you thought you wouldn’t get the shot? Did you give up or keep going?
There are always those times.  It just sucks when you try something 100 times and you figure you can come back and do it on a better day, but then you don’t go back and you realize you were just being a pussy.
Sorry, that was probably the worst run-on sentence ever, but you get what I mean.

Where will the film be available?
You’ll be able to watch it on the web, but we’ll have a few hard copies in shops - check our blog http://peepshowpresents.blogspot.com/

Any plans for next season?
We never have plans.

Posted by Kelly Vance on 09/22/09

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