Interview: Hana Beaman

The third installment of Hana’s webisode series features a photoshoot and some adventures with Tara Dakides.  Watch the first two here

Age: 28
Hometown: Big Bear Lake, CA and Salt lake City, UT
Home mountain: Bear mtn
Sponsors: Ride snowboards, Vans, Rockstar Energy, Nixon, Von Zipper, Bear Mtn, Cilla Layers, Voile

What inspired you to start a series of webisodes?
  I felt that there is so much more that goes into professional snowboarding than what the normal snowboarder sees,  I want to show that . Also, I wanted the freedom to ride with whomever and where ever.  I didn’t want to be limited to a certain crew or just girls or just guys… and it’s nice to have full creative control.

Is there a story behind the name “PS”?
Yes, I’m not sure when this started but i tend to say it a lot in conversation, (ie: p.s. have you seen the new jersey shore?) so I thought it would be a good touch to each webisode. Kinda just small anecdotes to each one to give a different feel.

Can we expect some video parts as well?
I would like to put together an edit or place my footage in a video at the end of the season, so we’ll just have to see how that goes.

Did piggybacking Erin Comstock down the hill naturally to you, or did it require a lot of advance training and preparation?
It kinda just comes naturally. Pat Bridges was the first one to human dolly me, and then you just give it a good and it’s surprisingly easy.

Pirates or ninjas?
Pirates, all the way

Where are you headed next?
Well, I’m gonna go home to Salt Lake for a day or so then it’s back up to Jackson before we go out to Colorado for a story.

Splitboard or sled?
For filming and efficiency, sled.  For exercise and adventure, splitboard.

How do you switch gears from filming and riding all powder to riding the big competitions?  Would you sometimes rather just stay in the pow?
It is definitely harder than it use to be, and I think that’s why I’ve been trying to fade out contests and just focus on backcountry more because if you spread yourself too thin between the two they both will suffer.  At this point of my career I am definitely more inclined to stay in the pow, it’s jut so fun and there is sooo much to explore and try.

What do you do with your downtime?
It’s either spent catching up with friends, cleaning, or just taking a minute to chill and not really go or do anything.

Funnest trick?
bs 180

What’s really irritating? 
Slow drivers, and speed tickets

How do you think women’s snowboarding has progressed since you started competing? 
Oh man, it has just grown so much and the stuff girls are doing now is just rad. it might not be obvious all the time but there are girls doing more and more crazy tricks.  I’m pretty stoked for girls in snowboarding, we have come a long way and I think it;s gonna keep going strong.

Posted by Kelly Vance on 02/26/11

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