Hannah Teter

Halley O’Brien

Halley O’Brien talked to Hannah Teter after the 2008 X Games halfpipe to ask her about the competition, and her work with charity. Here’s the interview:

Congratulations, last night, you had some sick runs, how was the pipe?
It was so fast… very speedy.

Yeah, I could tell, when you guys were flying up in the air.
Yeah, it was crazy!

So, what’s it like being a spokesperson for Boarding for Breast Cancer?
So cool, I’ve just been trying to reach out in different ways, being a snowboarder, but then also working with Boarding for Breast Cancer, and then speaking out for Darfur, and having a charity. It’s just really awesome to help girls be aware of their bodies and of all the factors that can cause harmful things. That’s what I’m all about, being a good role model, and trying to help out in the world.

That’s great to have a backing like that from the pro’s.
Yeah, it makes snowboarding so fun, to be not only a shredder, but to have another side.

So what other kind of charity work are you doing?
Well, I have a maple syrup that my parents helped me create… it’s a maple syrup for charity! We sell it and help sponsor a town in Kenya.

That’s awesome.
We just committed to them for four years, and we’re working with World Vision so that all of the money actually goes there. And then, I donate all of my contest money to World Vision. I’ve just been really gifted, and I’m like.. I’ve gotta start doing more.

Yeah, being here, and then giving back, it’s got to be really rewarding.
It is, that’s the best part of life, not recieving, but just giving.

Bringing it back to you, what are your plans for your birthday?
Oooh, birthday… It’s only 8 hours away or something. 21 tonight! Dance party! We’re going to raise money for charity with donations at the door, and then we’re going to have a raffle. It’s gonna be crazy, you should come. Oh, but if you can’t come, go211.com is going to have it all on their website.

That’s awesome, well have a good time tonight!
I’ve been looking forward to it all week long!

Oh, one last thing, if you had to choose between pirates or ninjas?
I’d say ninjas.

Good to know, and happy birthday!

Posted by admin on 02/07/08

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