Ellery Hollingsworth Interview

After seeing this up-and-coming young rider throw down at the 2009 Winter X Games, we wanted to talk to her.  At 17, she’s already a member of the US Snowboarding team, and is often one of the youngest competitors competing at her level.  With impressive competition standings including 4th in the WX Superpipe event this year, and 3rd place overall in the Burton Global Open Series in 2007, this Olympic hopeful is definitely a rider to watch.


Q. What did you think of snowboarding when you first tried it?
A. I thought, dang my bum is gonna be sore! I was determined to get better though because when I first started, my brothers were telling me that i’d hate it, and I was determined to prove them wrong.

Q. We’ve noticed you’ve been beating some pretty big name riders lately,
what’s that like?
A. Every rider has good days and bad days so until i’m up there on the podium with them consistently at every contest, a podium here or there isn’t too significant. It definitely gives me confidence to be up there with some of the top riders though; I feel fortunate to get to ride with them.

Q. What do you think of women’s snowboarding today?

A. Women’s snowboarding has progressed so much, and every year the bar is set a little higher. Girls have really stepped up, and the skill level out there is nuts. Training is super important too nowadays and I think women’s snowboarding progresses faster and faster every year.  There’s more support from companies too, which makes it easier to just focus on training and riding; I mean, I’m psyched to be with Gatorade now, because it’s what I drink at the gym and if I’m on the mountain all day to stay hydrated. The entire women’s snowboarding industry has grown
so much; there are definitely more girls working behind the scenes in the as agents, team managers, photographers and so on, some of whom used to compete back in the day.

Q. Tell us about Stratton Mountain School.
A.SMS is a snowboard/ski academy. It has produced amazing riders like Danny Davis, Ross Powers, Louie Vito, and Michael Goldschmit, just to name a few. At SMS you snowboard in the morning and go to school in the afternoon. You also travel to many contests with the snowboard or ski team, which has been an awesome support system for me.  Without SMS I wouldn’t be where I am today. When I was thirteen, I begged my parents to let me go, the only reason they gave in was because they saw that SMS strived for the highest academic program accompanied by a high level of athletics. Since I started going to SMS they’ve aloud me to travel the world while getting a solid education. Although, I travel with the US Snowboard Team and my sponsors now, I appreciate SMS so much and what they’ve done for me.

Q. I just read that you wanted to be a doctor when you grow up.  Is that
your current goal?
A. Well i’ve branched off from watching tv quite a bit, and since grey’s anatomy is no longer a constant hour of my week, I no longer wish to be a doctor.

Q. Should we look for you in the 2010 Olympics?
We will just see now, won’t we? A lot can happen in a year!

Q. You compete mostly in halfpipe - is that your favorite event?
A. I dunno, halfpipe is fun but I just love to snowboard. I like jumps, I like rails, I like trees, I like powder, and I like Halflpipe.

Q. Since you were throwing 9’s when you were like 15, any plans for a
ten eighty shmen eighty let’s go for the 1260!!

Q. Pirates or Ninjas?

Q. Tight Pants, or Gangsta?
Normal/tight pantaloons

Q. If you could have pro model gear that you designed for yourself, what
would you design first?
I would probably design the Ellery Hollingsworth Time warp machine that could transport me to each snowboard destination within seconds! That way I would never need to deal with jet lag, oversized baggage fees, and you wouldn’t waste any time traveling!!

Q. Favorite pro rider?
Sofia Mulanovich

Posted by Kelly Vance on 02/26/09

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