Carissa Comp

Carissa Comp

Years Riding: 6
Hometown: Fircrest, Washington. I reside in Breckenridge, CO in the winter now.
Home Mountain: Summit at Snoqualmie and now Breckenridge, CO.
Sponsors: Screamer hats, Purl wax, Smith optics, JSAK Snowboarding, Burly Girls, Intellegent Netwear, and Nollies
Recent Competitions: This year I will be competing in the US open, Aspen Open,  and all of the Grand Prix.

How did you get started snowboarding?
I grew up skiing in Washington state with my family. One year my older brother decided that it wasn’t so cool to ski anymore and picked up boarding. After that it was only natural that I upgraded my old skis for a snowboard.

What do you think of women’s snowboarding today?  Where do you see it going?
I see women starting to make a big impression on the snowboard industry not only in our riding ability but also in the number of women picking up the sport. I only see womens snowboarding growing in popularity and I hope to do my part in encouraging the growth of our sport.

What tricks do you plan on learning this year?
My number one thing I will be working toward this season will be inverts in the pipe as wells as my spins on backcountry jumps.

Any good stories of entertaining or embarrassing wrecks?
Early this season at Echo Mountain I was being filmed doing a few powder turns, and the snow was so deep I could barly keep my nose up. I went for a big slash when I was super close to the camera. Unfortunately for me, not only did I turn too hard but I actually turned it in to a face plant and became stuck head first in the snow. I had to have the camera man help me up. To make it even worse, they used my crash for part of Echo Mountain’s promo video for the season. Haha talk about getting caught on tape.

What do you think the worst snowboarding trend is?
Without a doubt, tight jeans on the hill. How in the world is that functional? can you possibly stay warm in wet denim?

Do you think style should get more credit in the contest circuit, or should tricks be judged mostly by their level of technical difficulty?
I feel that style is a very important aspect of judging contests, however you can’t compare a 1080 to a stylish 180. The 1080 would and should get a higher score.

What would you do for a Klondike bar?
I would have to say nothing: those are good, but not my favorite. I would go for some rocky road ice cream mixed with mint chip. Some people like to call me the “Ice Cream Monster”  with good reason of course.


Band: The Sounds and Sara Groves.
Snowboard Shop:  Nollies.
Beauty Product: Orgins for almost every thing they make. Check it out. It’s great stuff.
Movie Star: Whats her name? Goldie Hawn’s daughter. I cant think of her name.
Park Feature: Half pipe.
Imaginary Animal: ummm how about a Unicorn.
Snowboard Wax: Purl
Ice cream: I think we already went over this one! lol
Inspiration: Knowing that hard work and honesty will pay off in the end.

Posted by staff on 05/01/07

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