Betty of the YEAR: Erika Vikander


Denver - January 28 - As part of the Shred Betties mission to support female professional snowboarders, we are proud to announce a new award designed to further the career of one talented up-and-coming rider: Betty of the Year.  Shred Betties brings together companies and friends to award a scholarship designed to help the rider achieve her dream by providing much-needed funds for travel and contest entry fees.

For our first ever Betty of the Year, we have selected Erika Vikander. Erika has displayed incredible passion, motivation and talent throughout the past year. She is intensely focused, positive, and hardworking, and no matter what, manages to keep her love for snowboarding alive.  We have watched her progress throughout the year and been impressed with her willingness to take risks and ability to learn new tricks. And it shows: throughout last season and into this one, she has been landing on podium after podium.  We look forward to seeing what she has to offer as she moves to the next level of competition.

Thanks to Erika’s friends, family, and sponsors, who helped us to exceed our goal for the award, raising $1,350 that will go directly to Erika.  Rick Knoop, Willie’s World Cycling, Sarrette Parell, Julian
Mann, Katherine Beem, Niche Snowboards, Akinz Boardwear, Retaks, Abagail Richlin, and Spacecraft.

Read more about Erika’s life as a pro snowboarder at

Some footage from Erika’s 09/10 Season

Erika hits up a street rail - Josh Otto, Photo

Erika with team manager Diana Sciandra, and fellow team rider Michelle Shea at the Ladies Night Fashion Show, where Betty of the Year was announced.

Posted by Kelly Vance on 02/01/11

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