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It’s been a long time coming, but I think you’ll agree that Aimee Fuller, the 2011 Shred Betty of the Year is worth the wait! 

I met Aimee at Windells when she was fifteen, with her funny British accent all I can remember her saying is “Do you think my coach will teach me backflips?  I must learn backflips!”  She was so serious, I admired her gusto.  Whether or not she ever landed a backflip didn’t matter; her attitude and determination gained Aimee one of her first real fans - me!  

She did learn backflips that winter session at Windells and now look at her - Aimee is upside-down in practically every photo you see of her.

What is Betty of the Year?  For me it’s about more than competition results, it’s about attitude, having fun, and living life to the fullest.  The Betty of the Year is an athlete who wants to share their beautiful experience with the world, and with you, the Shred Betties readers. Thank you Aimee for not being afraid to put your life out there. Thank you for always finding the humor in things, for being a dedicated and inspirational snowboarder, and for always having the time of your life. Keep doing what you’re doing - we are all watching and we all love the person you are.

But enough talk, the best way for you to see how radical Aimee Fuller is you have to watch her ride!  Check out this tribute video from our good friend Marie-Pierre Cantin:

I caught up with Aimee to see what’s been going on this season: 

Age: 20

Home Mountain: Don’t have one! I live in Northern Ireland.

Hometown: Keston, Kent 

Years Riding: 8

Recent Results: 1st 4*Horsefeathers Pleasure Jam, 3rd 5* Roxy Snow Pro, 2nd 5* Leysin Champs  

Sponsors: Roxy, Vans, TSA, Bliss by Level

How has it been getting on the podium as much as you are lately? Have you changed your game plan to get there?
It’s great! I really never expected it this season! I really just wanted it…and I still do; I’m super hungry for it!  I saw all of my good friends doing so well and I wanted to be there with them, I worked on some new tricks and some combos and have been working on my riding, I have a lot of new tricks I want to learn and I am loving it, so I am going to just keep at it!

What was it like to be a stunt woman for a movie?
Oh it was mellow, cool to see how it works back stage on a movie set! I didn’t do all the tricks though - we shared it! Meeting Ed Westwick was a definite bonus!! wink

How has your life changed since the first time I  met you at Windells?
I guess quite a bit! It was super fun to go there on camp when I was 15! I never ever thought that I would be snowboarding and traveling like I am now, it was a dream so I am just making the most of this crazy rollercoaster.

What’s the key to your success?
Having fun, riding with friends, those are the best days, and that’s when you learn new stuff!

What was it like to make history on the Whitelines cover? How bout that Cooler Mag cover?  What does it mean to you?  
Something I never really expected, that’s for sure! Ed from Whitelines just casually dropped it in an email, oh yeah by the way you’re on the cover this month! I was shocked and I still am if I actually think about it so thanks WL + Cooler Mag.

Exactly how many mag covers have you been on?  How to do you keep from getting a big head?
 I have been on 3; 2 this this season and then a smaller local mag last season. It’s surreal really seeing your face on a cover, I can’t really believe it myself so I guess that’s why it hasn’t gone to my head and I wouldn’t let it!

What was it like to see your face on a Billboard in China?
Ha!  Lots of media questions! It’s weird to talk about yourself being on magazines and billboards…yeah I mean it’s cool, I am honored and very lucky to have such supportive sponsors that make it happen.

How do you keep in shape for snowboarding?
I am just off to the gym now, actually! I have a personal trainer back home, Scott Brady at He is a legend and I really enjoying working with him in the off season, he kicks my ass! Other than in the gym I try to do as many other sports as possible, I hate sitting around, so I regularly go surfing or get into any other sport that’s going on!

Where do you think you would be now if you had never found snowboarding?
I reckon I would be at uni or trying to pursue another sport at a high level; I love sport. I reckon if it wasn’t snowboarding I’d still be working on the motocross.

Who inspires you?
 I really look up to my peers like Cheryl Maas. What she did in the back country last year was insane! Cab double 9…respect. Also fellow Brit Ms Jones.  She sends it so hard on big jumps, and she is a Brit so it’s great to have her experience and be on the road with her!

We love that you put your life out there in your webisodes. You make us laugh and really want to ride. How do you find the time?
 I really enjoy making funny little edits, it’s something that is fun to do to pass the time when your traveling on long plane journeys or road trips!

What’s the most interesting place you’ve traveled?  Anywhere you want to go?
 The strangest place is probably Lebanon last year for a Quiksilver display! I love traveling and seeing new places, but I also really enjoy going back to familiar places. I love Mayrhofen in Austria, it’s just got that homely vibe, and also Brekenridge Colorado. I would really like to check out some more of the resorts in the US, especially California!

What new tricks are you working on right now?
I have a few things up my sleeve but you will have to wait and see.

What’s your process for learning a new trick, any superstitions?
Work your way up to it until you feel super confident! I don’t really use any strategy, when it feels right I go for it!

What’s next for you, what are your plans for the summer? 
Plans for the summer…NZ! Plus hopefully some surfing somewhere hot, and maybe a trip over to the West Coast of America for some glacier shred, we’ll see!

Most embarrassing thing that’s happened to you on a snowboard?
Toe edge catches, ha!  I can’t really think of anything to embarrassing, or wait, that is a lie.  It’s so embarrassing that I can’t actually tell you. I’ll just have to leave you thinking.

Pirates or Ninjas?

What do you do when you’re not snowboarding?
Hang back home with friends, surf and catch up with family.

How do you feel about the progression of female snowboarding?
I think right now this season snowboarding progression has gone through the roof.  So many girls are spinning all ways and we are hitting the same size course as the dudes.  It’s a really exciting time for snowboarding and I’m really looking forward to seeing where this progression is going to go in the next few years! 

Is there anything you want to say to your family, out there watching you?
Thank you to everyone for your support. I love to hear your feedback so thanks to everyone that has written me little messages or sent me tweets! Thanks to my family! and also sponsors, Vans, Roxy, TSA, Bliss by Level gloves and Scott Brady!

Who is your favorite all girl snowboarding online mag/non-profit organization?
Oooh, that’s a toughie! Going to have to go with Shred Betties and Cooler mag as they are both super supportive of female sport!

Lift snack: Almonds and cranberries
Park feature: A good jump!
TV Show: CBB
Summer camp: It’s been a while! I guess HCSC!
Imaginary animal: A flying cat
Country: ENGLAND!

Follow Aimee one her website: or here on Shred Betties!

I would like to personally thank Aimee’s mom Sara and her brother Josh for making this happen! 
A big thanks to Bashee Bungee , Wrong Gear and for providing Aimee with some cool gifts!

Posted by Kelly Vance on 03/25/12

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