Betty of the Month: Tanya Zarling

Name: Tanya Zarling
Age: 25
Years Riding: 10
Hometown: Eagle, Wisconsin
Home Mountain: Timberline/Mt. Hood

How did you fall in love with snowboarding?
I fell in a deep obsessive love with snowboarding when I was 15. I became really good friends with this group of girls who went snowboarding all the time, and I had been wanting to try it so badly. So they took me out one day and I was instantly hooked! We started riding the park together and learning all these new things, so it was always a blast knowing we were learning together. We had the most laughs and best of times. Those girls are now my very best friends, going on 10 years!

How was your 14/15 season? What was your biggest accomplishment this winter?
It was such a fun season! I had a great time riding and filming at Timberline and occasionally making it to Mt. Bachelor as well. My biggest accomplishment this year for sure was getting the opportunity to ride in the Gerry Lopez Big Wave Challenge at Mt. Bachelor. A bunch of pros make it out to that contest, so it was incredible to be able to finally meet and ride with girls I had always looked up to throughout the years. I was nervous, but just stepping up to that giant course was incredible!

Have you been riding Mt. Hood this summer? What’s it been like with the low snow year?
This has been my first full season up at Hood. It was crazy how fast the snow melted this year. But I think Timberline did such a great job of using what they had. The park was continuously on point and so much fun!  I’m used to the short winters of the Midwest, so just being able to ride at Hood this year despite the low snowfall was amazing in itself. I guess it can only get better from here, right? Haha.


Any advice for girls who are new to the park?
Find some good friends to learn with, they will push you so much. Give yourself credit for even stepping up to take on the park. It can be SO intimidating at first, but if you allow yourself to let go of that fear you feel, anything is possible. You’ll be so addicted to that feeling you get when you first land a trick. Keep following that feeling!

Do you prefer filming or competing?
Filming! Although the rush you get from competing is awesome too. Filming is better because you have the time to really make things look the way you want them to and to really have something tangible when the season has ended. Years from now, you can look back on a video but you may not remember much about a contest you did. I get a lot of enjoyment from making my own edits too.

If you could travel anywhere to snowboard, where would it be?

What are you plans for the 2015-16 winter?
Get out there as much as possible, have a ton of fun, meet some new friends, share good times, and PRAY FOR MORE SNOW! I want to get to some more events held at Hood and Bachelor this year too. I plan to spend a lot of time traveling around the northwest to new places I haven’t been yet. Also gotta get to Big Sky this year, my best friend just moved to that area!


Biggest inspiration in snowboarding?
Every single time I see another girl out there going for it, learning something new or pushing their boundaries, it is so inspiring to me. Energy is huge in women’s snowboarding; I think that when we see each other pushing limits, it really fuels that flame and gives us that drive to push it even further.

Favorite moment in women’s snowboarding this year?
Man, just everything Christy Prior has been doing these days is insane! I’m also stoked for Leanne Pelosi’s Full Moon Film project coming out soon. That is going to be an incredible video to show how far women’s snowboarding has really come.

What’s the funniest thing that has happened to you on a snowboard?
Oh man…so in my beginning snowboard years, my friend Abby and I were such goofballs. We were always doing dorky things and making fools of ourselves. Those awkward teenage years, haha. One day we were getting on this old chairlift where the chair gets really low to the ground. Our boards got stuck together under the lift and we were instantly pulled down off of the chair and fell flat on our faces! There were a ton of people in the lift line laughing at us.

I saw on your Facebook that you work at a day camp for dogs, and I had to ask about that. What do you do there?!
The dog day camp is awesome. It involves bringing dogs from Portland out to the woods and letting them run around and get some exercise. I’ve been working with dogs in various jobs for the past 3 years, and it has been so great!


Favorite thing to do when you’re not on your board?
Hiking, camping, exploring the Pacific Northwest, riding my bike, going on adventures with my dog and boyfriend.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?
Teleportation. My friends and family are all over the country, it’d be rad to be able to see them instantly!


Song: Ships to Shore, Fierce Creatures
Imaginary Animal: Uni-cat
Dessert: Marionberry pie… and chocolate
Feature: Down rails and hip jumps
Shred Spot: Timberline!!!

A few clips from the park at Timberline on Mt. Hood:


Posted by Gabby Rainville on 08/19/15

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