Betty of the Month: Naima Antolin

Name: Naima Antolin
Age: 22
Years Riding: 10
Hometown:  Seattle
Home Mountain:  Snoqualmie Pass
Sponsors:  Board Over Brains, Side Surfers, Nolan Apparel, Union Bindings, Gnu Snowboards.
Instagram:  lil_ripppa666

Photo: Tyler Redes


How did snowboarding become a passion for you? Who currently inspires you most in the field?
Snowboarding became a passion for me because it brought me happiness, and let’s be honest happiness is the key to life. The people who inspire me the most are the ones I see out on the hill everyday. The ones who have no money yet still manage to get their daily dose. Especially my friends—following, watching, and attempting to copy them, that’s what inspires me the most.

What was your biggest accomplishment last season?
I don’t think I had a big accomplishment, but maybe I had a couple little ones. I was happy that I managed to couch surf in Tahoe for a little over a month and snowboard almost everyday. I was stoked on placing at the Trans Am finals in Big Bear. Maybe one of my bigger accomplishment was getting over my fear of 50-50’s. For some reason I was having a big mental block with that one, but I have overcome it. I landed a couple new tricks that I am pretty stoked on. The front 180 tail press to switch back 360 out, and the nose press front 360 out on the corrugated were new, but I would like to play around with those tricks on rails next winter. I am excited to see what happens.

Do you have any goals for this upcoming 15/16 season? Where do you plan on doing the majority of your riding?
Main goal: Be Happy. I plan to mainly ride in Washington and Oregon. Then visit California, Utah, and Colorado. I’m sure I’ll end up where I need to be.

Any views on competing versus filming?
No views. I prefer soul shredding with the friends.

You have really distinct style and creative approach to riding. Do you work to make tricks steezy or does it come naturally?
I guess I think of park riding as 25% learning the trick, 50% style, 50% consistency, and 100% happiness. I think that’s why it takes me so long to learn new tricks. Not only do I try to make it look good, I also want to know it like the back of my hand. I think that people who do tricks with ease and control are way more fun to watch then people who may have a lot of tricks but are out of control.

What advice do you have for other girls out there who want to get into park riding?
Maybe invest in some knee pads, wear a helmet, be happy, don’t forget to laugh when you fall, and go have fun. Its also good to not get ahead of yourself. Sometimes you have to take one step back, to take two steps forward.

Photo: Emily Tidwell


If you could stomp one trick, what would it be?
A nice clean Method.

Any advice for those moments of intimidation when trying something big or new?
Well I hold my water bottle and stare at it. I start to think of a memory when I was filled with confidence, happiness, and ease. After that I take all those feelings and direct it to my water. Then every time I take a sip of this water, that feeling of confidence, happiness, and ease runs through my body. That is something easy to do to take the nerves away—and remember it’s all in your head.

What are some of your off board activities/hobbies?
Playing fltimate frisbee, huckleberry picking, chasing waterfalls and lakes, I would say I am pretty much an amateur summertime river floater, going to festivals, hula hooping, Jamming on the guitar with friends and family, and candy making. One day I plan to open a candy factory called “Naima’s Candy Emporium”.

What are your riding necessities?
Ipod shuffle, Nolan mitts, and sunglasses with my Sidesurfers.

Photo: Emily Tidwell



Posted by Gabby Rainville on 09/26/15

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