Betty of the Month: Midori Oatari

Age: 29
Snowboarding since: age 23
Hometown:Kobe, Japan
Home Resort : Naeba(japan)  Brighton (USA)
Competition Results:
2nd Prom jam, 4th Campus rail jam, 2nd Nikita Chikita amateur division, 1st 32days, 1st Jazz Jam
Forum Japan
Special Blend Japan
Force Four

How did you get into competing?
When i started competing in Japan, I was always comparing myself to the other riders.  I wanted to know the my level of skill.  Now, I never compare myself to any other people. I do competitions because I want to do my best and I want to ride with other girls, push each other, and meet people.

What would you say to girls who are interested in learning to snowboard?
Don’t be afraid! Just go step by step, and have fun. Let’s shred!

Why did you decide to come to the US and compete this season? 
Competition was not the only reason why I came to the US.  I spent 3 months in the US last year, and I loved the people and snow. I really like the snowboard lifestyle in the US.
Are competitions different in the US?
It’s depends on the competition.

We’d love to travel to Japan to snowboard - where should we go? 
HOKKAIDO especially Asahi-dake, there is pretty good powder.  NIIGATA or NAGANO are good for park!

What’s the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you while snowboarding?
I left my gloves on the chair lift twice in the same day.

Park or Powder?
I can’t compare. Both are snowboarding and I love snowboarding.

Are you doing any filming, or just competing?
I’ve been filming with friends and competing for fun.

Pirates or Ninjas?
I am a Japanese, so a Ninja already. haha

Most inspiring pro snowboarder?
Madison Blackley!

Any final comments?
Snowboarding is an important part of life.  I went to the US last year to snowboard, and I made a lot of new friends there. Then I met an Argentinian snowboarder at US airport and I got to go to Argentina last summer.  Everything is connected by snowboarding!!  Keep moving and keep smiling!!

What is your favorite:
Park feature: kink rail
Breakfast: pancakes with banana and syrup
Music: Argentinian reggae
Movie:My Life Without Me, and Avatar
Riding Buddies: anyone who is always happy!
Inspiration: My biggest inspirations are my friends! Every day that we all ride together, we push each other to try new things.  Hit that rail, drop that sketchy line. We all like to push each other and have so much fun!

Posted by Kelly Vance on 05/05/10

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