Betty of the Month: Lindsea Lumpkin

Age: 14 years old
Years Riding: 10 years
Home Mountain: Breckenridge
Hometown: Athens, Ga
Sponsors Fuel Clothing, Salomon, Smith Optics, Drop Gloves, SkiNC
Recent Results
National Champion in Halfpipe & Slopestyle USASA Breaker Girls, 2010 and 2011
#10 Final Ranking USSA Revolution Tour Womens Slopestyle
TTR World Tour   Womens Final Rankings 2010/ 201: Slopestyle # 45, Halfpipe # 63, Overall # 56
Burton European Open, Juniors: 4th Place Slopestyle, 4th Place Halfpipe
USASA Rocky Mountain Series events: 1st Place Slopestyle, Halfpipe, & BX
Bonfire Pipe to Pipe Skate Contest at Windells Camp, Or.  - 1st Place, Ladies

What did you think of snowboarding the first time you tried it?
Totally fell in love with snowboarding very first time.

What tricks are you currently working on?  Any superstitions or special techniques for mastering a new trick?
I’m currently working on back 3 & front 5.  I try to visualize & practice at Woodward at Copper.

Pirates or Ninjas

How has it been transitioning from USASA competitions into the bigger name competitions full of pro riders?  What’s the most fun thing about the big name competitions?
It’s been cool.  I really like the scene at the big events, especially Burton European Open.  The most fun is being around all the pro riders.

How do you balance school and snowboard training
I ride in the mornings, then have school mid day to late afternoon, then go to the gym to workout.

Where is the coolest place you’ve traveled?  Where do you really want to go?
The Amazon rainforest in Brazil, and I want to go to Santa Monica and try out their skate parks.

What’s the most annoying trend in snowboarding?
Tight pants

Powder or park

Your dream as a professional snowboarder?
Olympics and X Games

Favorite new gear from your sponsors?
Smith gogs and sunglasses, Salomon board, & Fuel jacket & pants

Who inspires you?
John Lennon, Bob Dylan, & MJ

Would be more likely to survive a gap over a lake full of piranhas or a rail over boiling lava?
A gap over lake of piranhas

Pro rider: Travis Rice
Ice cream: B & J’s Half Baked
Movie: Salt & Wanted
Imaginary animal: Pegasus
Lift snack: Granola bars
Snowboard shop: Fuel Station Ride Shop, Hilton Head, S.C.
Riding song: Dubstep

Lindsea is one of the youngest female athletes training with the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club this year.  Look for her at major events throughout the season!


Posted by Kelly Vance on 12/12/11

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