Betty of the Month: Danika Duffy

photo:John Lemieux

Age: 21
Home mountain: Mammoth Mountain, California
Hometown: Manhattan Beach, California
Years riding: 6
Sponsors: Betty Rides, Bataleon, Thirty-Two, Oneballjay, Electric Visual

photo: Peter Morning

Recent results: Most recently 1st at the Gatorade Free Flow Finals and Finals at the New Zealand Winter Games

photo:John Lemieux

What did you think of snowboarding the first time you tried it?

I fell so much and it was so frustrating! It made me want to just keep getting better and better so that I wouldn’t fall as much!

Any advice for girls who are new to the park?
Wear butt pads.

photo: Pablo Azocar

Pirates or ninjas?
Ninjas for sure.

What’s your process for learning a new trick? Working on anything now?
Before I drop to try a new trick I take a deep breath and kind of shake my hands.  It’s weird, but for some reason it makes me feel like I’m shaking off being scared about trying something new. No matter what trick you’re trying, I’ve found it’s really important not to be super scared going into it.  When you’re scared, you make stupid mistakes and when you make stupid mistakes you get hurt. Most recently I have been trying back rodeos and switch back threes. FINALLY started getting some switch back threes, but the back rodeo is still evading me.

Winter from Danika Lynn on Vimeo.

photo: Bruno Moise-Cretney

photo: Pablo Azocar

What have you been up to in the off season?
I was in New Zealand for almost three months this summer and it was amazing! I don’t know if you could really call if the “off-season” though, since I was snowboarding so much. Now that I’m home and waiting for it to start snowing I’ve just been doing a lot of schoolwork and yoga.

Exciting plans for next season?
This will be my first year competing in the Dew Tour and I am so excited! The inaugural World Snowboarding Championships is also on this year in Oslo, and to qualify for those would be amazing.

photo:Pablo Azocar

Most embarrassing thing that’s happened to you on a snowboard?
I took a pretty bad fall at a competition in January. Literally for MONTHS afterwards people would come up to me and say something like, “Oh my gosh, you were THAT girl. That looked REALLY BAD.” I embarrass myself on a day to day basis though, so after a while you get used to it. 

Filming or competitions?
I’ve never really filmed before, except with my friends on a GoPro, but I think it would be really fun to get more into filming.

Who influences your snowboard style the most?
All of my friends that I ride with. Whenever we’re riding together and they do something cool I get really excited and motivated to try a new trick.

Most annoying thing in snowboarding?

If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?
I think the first place I would go would be Tahiti. It looks so warm and beautiful! 

Eggo Waffle Cereal. It is legendary and will change your life. Unfortunately, it has been discontinued in most major grocery store chains, but you can still find it if you really hunt.
Snowboard Shop: P3 in Mammoth
Movie: Almost Famous, He’s Just Not That Into You, and anything with Will Ferrell in it, especially Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby.
Imaginary animal: A werewolf, especially the kind that periodically morphs into Taylor Lautner.
Shred Tunes: It depends on my mood, I’ve been playing a lot of Rihanna lately though.
Inspiration: My mom, my dad, and Janet Freeman! 
Halloween costume this year: Hmm, I’ll probably wear all black and say im a ninja or something
Favorite Halloween candy : reese’s peanut butter cups!

photo: Charlotte Trundle

Posted by Diana on 10/15/11

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