Random Guy of the Month: Avran LeFeber

Okay, we totally lied, we have a A girl betty of the month, Jessa Gilbert.  And we’ve asked Avran some serious questions about his work with angrysnowboarder.com and his perspective on women in the industry, from his favorite riders, to the truth about women’s coverage.  Read up, or scroll down to see the original April Fools prank interview.

Tell us about how you got started with Angry Snowboarder. 
Everyone asks this question, the fact is I did it on a whim after some encouragement from a friend.

Where do you see the site going over the next few years?
Probably to hell or down the toilet, or maybe sold off to Grind Media. Seriously if someone at Grind Media wants to buy it lets talk. The truth is I’m taking the marathon approach compared to a sprint like some people do when it comes to websites. That means adapting to the changing times and expanding where I need to. If financing wasn’t an issue I would have a multi-faceted media approach that would rival other publications, but because it is that means maintained slow growth.

What has been your biggest struggle running a snowboarding website?
Continually convincing people in the snowboarding industry that what we’re doing with the site is relevant and matters. You would think after 9 years people would get the hint you’re not going anywhere, but between the false promises and sheer lack of understanding this is the biggest struggle. If I started a regional print magazine right now I would have advertisers no problem, but because I run a website people are so fucking lost they don’t see it as anything viable.
Oh and Wordpress Updates, fuck those things.

A female rider you’ve seen who has really impressed you?
This list is actually pretty huge.
First I would love to give a shout out to my favorite bad bitches the Too Hard crew, every one of you inspires me with what you’re doing. Regardless of what people think these girls are the epitome of the do it yourself attitude that got people my age into snowboarding and I love everything they’re doing by shaking up snowboarding.

To follow that up with Morgan Lynn Anderson, if you don’t know about her you’re blowing it and after she recovers from her knee replacement I think we’ll see a solid few more good years out of her and hopefully some bigger things with a push from K2.

Haillee Soderholm is by far one of the most under rated upcoming young girls out there and I wish Nikita would push her a bit more or that some other companies would get behind her and really market her because if she had even 1/100th of the support someone like Jaime Anderson has she would do big things. She has the best rodeo in the game for a girl and that’s coming from a guy that lived with Breckenridges terrain park in his backyard and has seen every female jumper of the last decade ride in person.

Chloe Kim is impressive in the half pipe even if her 1080 looks like something that fell out of the Hot Tub Time Machine circa 1999. She’s young so once she cleans up her pipe skills she’ll be the face of women’s half pipe riding. Arielle Gold is a close second though.

Melissa Riitano is another one I’m a huge fan of, I don’t think there’s anyone on this planet that can’t say something positive about her. She’s hands down one of my favorite females in snowboarding as a person and for the love of god will some companies give her some money so she can do some bigger projects! 

Finally the most important female in snowboarding to me is my field correspondent Courtney Newberg, you can find her being the secretary for We Are Camp in Portland.

Any 2017 gear you feel like girls should really be stoked about?
The Lisa Frank Celtek gloves. Seriously rainbow unicorns!

Are you planning any other projects beyond the website?
I’ve been working on a book for a while now and hopefully this will be the year I finish that up. On top of that digging further into stem cell knee replacement as I think that will be the future for all snowboarders. 

We’ve noticed you’ve expanded your women’s coverage over the last few years - what inspired you to do that?
The cold hard truth is that most snowboard media just doesn’t care about female snowboarding. So because of this you see the same circular arguments that come out about how they’re under represented, there’s a lack of wages, etc. etc. Frankly fuck those arguments and advocacy it does nothing, what needs to happen is people just going “hey this content doesn’t suck” and then posting it. The whole idea behind it is to just get more people to snowboard regardless of their gender.

Favorite video part?
Kevin Jones Stand and Deliver. I broke 2 VHS copies and 1 DVD of that video part. KJ will always reign supreme as the best snowboarder of all time to me.

April Fools Interview

It is a sad day to realize this, but I have to announce that after eleven years of interviews, we’ve interviewed EVERY female snowboarder.  So while we wait for some babies to mature and be able to answer Betty of the Month questions, we’ve decided to interview random men we know instead, because they are so often overlooked in the snowboarding industry. Here’s the first interview of this series.

Name: Avran LeFeber
Age: Born when Regan was president
Home Mountain: Formerly Breckenridge but Vail Resorts doesn’t like it when you supplex people in lift lines so lately A Basin. Why is it totally unacceptable to perform WWE moves on someone in the lift line?
Recent Contest Results: Tinders Top Tinderer 2012 -2015 hopefully going to get 2016 as well. Summit Counties sexiest single man. Voted most rebellious in my senior year book. Also my mom says I’m her favorite child.

Tell us about how you got into snowboarding.

I liked to go fast, take chances, and sometimes turn to the left. Seemed natural that after my luge team died in a freak accident that snowboarding would be the next thing. Oh and I heard that there were lots of single women in ski towns, I think Hot Dog and Out Cold lied to me though.

Pirates or Ninjas?
Intergalactic space pirates on a mission to find water fighting of cyborg robot ninjas from the planet Zorgon 8.

What is your advice to a girl who is just trying the terrain park for the first time.

Go fast, take chances, if something gets in your way jib it. Also listen to your boyfriend when he screams at you and says you can fucking hit the god damn rainbow box. You can hit the rainbow box!

Do you feel the snowboard industry treats you differently as a man?
Well I feel that I have a lot of things going against me. All these women that are in positions of authority are really holding me down. They always want me to do more women’s reviews and interviews and I’m over here like, but what about the guys? The male segment is just so under represented these days it’s rather unfair. But I think things are changing; guys are winning bigger prize purses now, there’s more mainstream snowboarding coverage, and well we have Shaun White who will surely save snowboarding.

The Official Angry Snowboarder SIA 2016 Interview and Preview Video from Angry Snowboarder on Vimeo.

Here Avran copes with the female dominated snowboard industry at SIA 2016

Would you be more likely to survive being chased by a polar bear through the park, or being chased by a snow leopard through the forest.
I have been chased by many bears in my life but none have caught me, cougars on the other hand seem to know my weakness of champagne and hot tubs. Those wily she beasts get me every time.

Which female snowboarder is the hottest?
I break down the list of single female snowboarders on Tinder that have not matched with me yet.
1. Rebecca “Possum” Tor
2. Karly Shorr
3. Ty Walker
4. Spencer O’Brien
5. Kjersti Buaas

And my two runners up actually matched with me but either deleted tinder or blocked me: Laura Hadar and Haillee Soderholm

What was your biggest accomplishment this season?
Turning toeside.

Angry Interviews from Bull of the Woods 2016. from Angry Snowboarder on Vimeo.

One day soon Avran will one day be able to handle a selfie stick while riding, but for now we’ve got footage of his job.

What do you do when you’re not snowboarding?
Tinder, read articles on tinder, chronically masturbate, and try to keep up with the Oprah book of the month.

Posted by Kelly Vance on 04/01/16

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