Betty of the Month: Abigail Berg

Name: Abigail Berg
Age: 24
Years Riding: 6 years off and on.
Hometown: Soda Springs Idaho
Home Mountain: Any mountain with snow.
Sponsors: Follett and Crash Pads
Instagram: @snowycreations


How did you fall in love with snowboarding?
My love and passion for snowboarding comes from a few different aspects of snowboarding; for instance, it’s spontaneous, random, unpredictable and creative, all things that are hard to find in every day life. I don’t want to say that snowboarding is an escape from life because my life is amazing, but there is definitely something extra special about it.

Biggest accomplishment this past season?
Each season that I finish without injury is a great accomplishment…which has been every season, knock on wood.

Describe your approach to snowboarding.
After having kids, I find my approach has changed a lot.  Before it was a huck it mentality, whereas now I’m much more cautious so I can always make it back home to my kids.

What has inspired you to look for and create features outside of the resort?
I’m no fan of resorts: their prices are ridiculous and there always seems to be a number of meanies out looking to put you down and cut you off. Yep! I’m slightly sensitive, but when you have your own mini resort created by you it can been whatever you want it to be, full of good vibes and happy people.


We love your creative log setups and the fact you build them yourself. What does it take to setup a feature?
A chainsaw, a shovel, some dead logs, a few screws, and the willingness to work and create something awesome!

How many features do you think you have in the woods right now?
We have 2 secret log spots. At our first one we have about 8 features.  At are newest log spot we have 6, and I’m sure we will be adding a few more this fall.

Advice for overcoming fear when you are trying a new trick or hitting a new feature?
When I want to try a new trick or feature, I start a few days before I’m going to try it and I visualize and imagine every possibility, all the do’s and don’ts until it plays out flawlessly in my head. Then right when I’m about to drop in, I play it out perfectly in my head once and then just go for it. 

Have you landed that double backie yet?



Biggest inspiration in snowboarding?
Cleide Kilpack ;D

How do you balance snowboarding with having a family?
I just go snowboarding with my family. No balancing required, unless I’m hitting a rail at the time. 

Tell us a little about the woodcarving you do when you’re not building log jibs. Is this a hobby or profession?
It feels like a hobby because I enjoy it so much, but its turning into more of a profession.

What do you do when you’re not snowboarding?
I do mom things like dishes, laundry, pretend to be a monster mom, and and all the other outdoor family friendly activities.



What are your plans for this summer?
Enjoy the heat and try to do some good in the world :D

Goals for next season?
Land that elusive double backie.

Breakfast Cereal:Wheaties
Animal: Humming bird
Trick: Backflip
Shred Flick: Uniquely
Color: White

Posted by Gabby Rainville on 07/19/15

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