Spring Slouch

Spring seems to have come a little too early this year in Colorado, especially when it was snowing down south.  With all the sunny days and slushy snow over the last month, it’s easy to slip into the relaxed vibe that you normally don’t get until it’s full-blown summertime.  It appears all the skiers and boarders have almost developed a bit of a slouch, and so have their beanies.  I know that I can’t seem to be bothered with a beanie that fits exactly to my head.

So, I went to the effort to find two beanies with just a little bit of slouch to ease you into that mountain springtime vibe.

The first is the turquoise Verushka from Akinz which is a hand-crocheted beanie made from super-soft yarn in a variety of bright colors.  (You know of my love for the highlighter hues.)  Your options here are the turquoise, sundrop which is a somewhat muted yellow, flamingo (hot pink), and grape.  It’s only $24 and you can buy it here: Verushka beanie

Since I tend to focus on bright and loud beanies, I thought I would find a fit for the more mellow bunch and I absolutely love this style! 

This beanie is from Coal Headwear’s spring collection and packs in as many little details as it can.  First off, it’s named the Lindy and since that’s my best friend and roomie’s name, it’s like they had me at hello.  It’s also got a pretty cool knit pattern and I love the side tie.  My favorite shade was this mauve-y color they call Sandstone, but it is also available in Charcoal, Pale Blue, and Wine.  This one is $35 and you can pick up your bit of slouch here: Lindy beanie

Got any slouchy love out there that you want to share?  Please send it my way!

Posted by Suzanne Akin on 03.19.09


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