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Redbull Snowscrapers

This past Thursday, Feb. 5th, Red Bull hosted a massive snowboard contest entitled Red Bull Snowscrapers.  It was held in NYC’s East River Park.  Some of the most dominating guys in snowboarding were listed on the roster.  The diverse group of riders included contest phenom Shaun White, backcountry veteran Travis Rice, and Norwegian legend Terje Haakonsen.  These are only a few of the powerhouses that showed up to NYC that night, but all came sharing a common goal: to conquer what would go down in snowboard history as the first ever hip jump contest.  Red Bull erected a massive nine story drop-in ramp, and an eighty foot hip.  All lit up against the back drop of the East River, that mountain of a jump was a sight to be seen.


WTF - Are you a Bitch?

Since Bitchboards opened their doors, we’ve been in full support of them, despite some nagging questions.  We tested their boards, and kept our negative feedback off Shred Betties, to give them a chance to rectify the major design flaws.  The boards had a sense of amateurishness to them - they were too stiff, too wide, and quite poorly constructed.  They’ve since changed their manufacturer, so we’ve given them the benefit of the doubt.  We figure us ladies should support one another, right?


Inaugural Hoodie Tuesday

Yesterday we were on the eve of history, and today that history was made. This inaugural Tuesday marks the beginning of a new era - one where the color of your hoodie matters more than the color of your skin. Black and white are mixed together, not separate. Colors stand side by side. Okay…maybe they’re just sewn side by side on this hoodie. Close enough, right?


Baby, it’s cold outside!

So it’s freezing in New York. And when it’s freezing in New York, it means that these awful, freezing humid winds blow in off of the water, form wind tunnels down the streets because of the tall buildings, and make things generally miserable. I like cold weather and everything, but I’m not such a fan of temperatures that feel like -10° with the wind chill.


Coincidence… or Evidence Corporate Super Spies?

As we prepare for the annual SIA convention in Vegas, I have been thinking about trends that I noticed last year that I meant to get around to writing about.  One thing that was amusing… I kept running into things that are oddly similar.  Ranging from designs that are similar just in their general concept, to items that can only be differentiated by button placement.  The more you see, the more you start to wonder if these things are copies, knock-offs, or just bizarre coincidence.  Maybe the designers are all friends, and accidentally let their ideas slip while out for after work cocktails?  Or maybe the limited fabrics available from manufacturers cause different brands to wind up with the same thing accidentally? 


New Year, New Hoodie

Happy New Year! Ring in 2009 with a new hoodie. The Ride Star FZ is that hoodie. It perfectly represents your New Years Eve.


WTF - Chanel Makes Snowboards?

Those of you who’ve been stressing that your designer handbag clashes with your snowboard… worry no more! Chanel has entered the snowboard market.  Shall I email them and see if they’d like to be in our board test?  It seems like a few people out there have decided there’s a whole label whore market segment out there who are dying for a designer label snowboard.  Look at Bitchboards, founded on the concept of bringing “fashion, design and style” to the snowboard industry. 


Hoodie Tuesday III

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us at Shred Betties! May the gift-wrapped boxes you receive be filled with glorious goodies both snow-related and not. Today, we’re intruding on Beanie Thursday turf. Why? Because we can, will, and want to.


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