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WTF… MC Hammer Pants are Back?

While I’m learning to accept that as I become older, some bad trends from my youth will be cycling back around, I kinda hoped that some of the REALLY bad stuff would slip away without getting picked up.  Like, especially the stuff that is extremely unflattering and/or bizarre.  For instance, things that make it look like you have an insanely long torso and tiny legs.  Or, you know, flannel lumberjack shirts.  Oh god, I hope people don’t start wearing 5 layers of different colored scrunchy socks again. 


Hidden Valley Ski Resort Closes

So after reading this article about this ski resort in St. Louis closing, I got to thinking… I would be SO PISSED if a resort just up and closed on me, especially if new owners didn’t plan on reopening it. Like, what would I do with my winter if my home mountain closed? It would be so inconvenient, not to mention sad that the place you first learned to snowboard was no more. And you’d waste so much gas trying to get to the next “local” hill. I don’t think I have much to worry about, especially come this winter… but either way, I’m sorry for those of you in St. Louis. That sucks.


WTF Thursday: Buyers Guides

Somehow my Wednesday slipped away from me, without ever writing my WTF column. Is it bad that I’m missing the date already, on just the third column? Pretty soon it’ll be WTF Two Weeks From Saturday.

Anyway, this week I’m annoyed with buyers guides. We’ve been getting in all the buyers guides from those bigger, fancier, printedier magazines, and each time I open one, I find myself disappointed.


I Love Superconglomerates

I love big companies in the snowboard world as everyone knows. They do a lot for this industry and keep companies that would probably crap out and disappear around longer. They also buy up failing big companies and breathes life back into them.


Snotty Skiers. Meh

So I’m walking around the bar tonight handing out cheaply made t-shirts and baseball caps for a beer that shall remain nameless (I’m a liquor promoter. I don’t just randomly cheer lead for alcohol companies.) Anyway, I come to a table, give them my spiel on why they should order said beer, and somehow we got on the topic of winter. This doesn’t surprise me, as I have a one track mind.


KFC = Kooky Foolish Commentators

Today I flipped the channel to MSNBC to see if any Olympic events that were worth watching were getting air time. Well, instead they had Tiki Barber and some chick commenting on highlights of the previous day’s events. This just happens to include BMX racing (is it just me, or did anybody else not know BMX racing was in the Olympics now?). This was hands down the most amusing commentary I’ve EVER heard. They kept talking about how you were more likely to hear “Dude” and “Radical” at the BMX track, and trying to throw in “Rad speak” like that. Pretty much, they could not have made bigger fools of themselves. Just thought I’d share this tidbit.


WTF Wednesday: Burton’s Lovely Boots

For the second installment of my bitchy column, I thought I might bring up that bigger companies also have some WTF moments. Case in point: the Burton Modern Boot, which is possibly the ugliest boot on the market this season (though I can’t be sure, I think we also have a contender in the Vans Omni).


The New “Tight Pants”

If you’ve read the interviews in the Betties section of our site, you’ve seen that most people stated that the worst trend in snowboarding has been tight pants on the hill. I hate to admit it, but I’ve almost gotten so used to seeing this that it’s not such a big deal to me anymore. Now something else has taken its place.. Unzipped Jackets. Why are so many shredders rocking the open jacket…I don’t really get it? It’s one thing to have your jacket/hoodie zipped up half-way, but another to have it flapping around in the wind and wing-like when you jump. Sometimes, at least to me, it makes tricks look sloppier. And, when you eat it there’s way more snow down your pants/sleeves/shirt than normal.


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