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WTF… Helmets To Hunt In

This week, I couldn’t think of something to WTF about, so I asked our art director, Julie, and she pointed out that she is not very fond of those Bern helmets that look like you’ve just stuck your helmet on top of your baseball cap, so, I figured that those would be enjoyable to make fun of, and moseyed on over to the Bern Website. 


Multiple Choice Beanies

Who doesn’t like choices? More importantly, who doesn’t like being able to change their decision….on the fly? Ever had one of those days where you simply couldn’t decide which beanie to wear? Well, Spacecraft comes to the rescue with a beanie that offers options.


WTF Wednesday - Skinny Pants

This past Saturday I checked out a double feature of the latest Mack Dawg films, ‘Double Decade’ and ‘Down with People’ at The Meeting.  Never having been much for watching sports, I tend to find snowboard films a bit boring.  But it’s especially when they do a lot of talking,  Down with People has some pretty amusing talking, but not until the credits, when they had footage of Jeremy Jones and Todd Richards mocking all the boys in tight pants.  Cuz, just when you thought guys couldn’t wear any tighter pants while snowboarding without some embarrassing seam rips, the People crew managed to add in that extra level of spandex-ness.  So, when I saw these pants from Vans, the first thing that popped into my mind was the some guy like Jon Kooley or Jordan Mendenhall trying to stuff his package into them.


Let’s Talk Custom…..Beanies.

Gotta be the most unique girl on the mountain? Bored with mainstream beanies? Or just against supporting companies that are using Chinese factories to create your threads? Then you, my friend, need to look into getting yourself a custom made beanie.


WTF Wednesday Pants with a skirt… again?!

Just in case I haven’t angered enough people with my commentary on Burton’s new naked boards, I’ve noticed that it seems to be time for WTF Wednesday.  So, I think I’ll make fun of these Roxy snowboard pants. 


And we thought ski boots were bad

Occasionally, I scour the web for things that are not snowboard related. In fact, often times, those things are fashion related. Anyway, I came across some pictures of Ms. Victoria Beckham shilling her new perfume line at Macy’s in New York, and all I could think when I saw her footwear was “EGADS! I thought ski boots looked like a form of torture!”



Ode to Chairlift

So I was just reminiscing about some of my favorite things about snowboarding. Yet, I feel as though the ride up to the summit is often overlooked so I’ve dedicated this entry to all things chairlift. Let’s take a look, shall we?


Build Me Up Beanie Cup

Happy Thursday everyone!

So I recently have decided to put my willpower to the test by cutting things like cookies, chocolate, and delicious Carmelita bars from Whole Foods out of my diet. I’ve done so in the interest of health, and with the realization that when my metabolism slows down one of these days, I’m going to be in for hell if I keep eating like a college kid. So I’ve found myself reaching for an apple when we have office birthday parties, and turning down the calls of “Oreos in the kitchen!” in the middle of the day.

It’s very depressing.


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