From Tall Tees to Hoodie Dresses


Where did the tall tee style come from? This hipster phenomenon seems to be moving at warp speed from hip hop circles to ski culture. Back in the 90’s the typical tall tee wearer was probably young, urban and likely to be listening to hip-hop. Rather than shrinking in popularity the oversized t-shirts have only been getting bigger – and longer.

Hip Hop is always out to make a statement. There’s the whole idea of not only living large, but living extra large, and wearing a long shirt down to your knees is a bold statement. You’ll get noticed. This is possibly where this urban couture idea crossed over into skiing and snowboarding.  Park rats alike have collectively discovered that different colored talls could be stacked on top of one another. This “gangster” phase is predominant in terrain parks where the bigger the tricks thrown down the better.

The real question posed here is, “What about the ladies?” The majority of girls out there have not yet adopted the tall tee fashion. Let’s agree, tall tees are not the most flattering female fashion item. So why not revolutionize the tall tee into some steeze for the ladies? Check out the latest hoodie dress from Akinz boardwear!  Way more stylish than an oversized tee but still the skater/ski chic ‘I can kick it betta than the boyz’ style. Find your wings on the slopes with your hoodie dress as an underlayer, and then bust out some dance moves in a hoodie-dress and tights later on! 

Not only is the hoodie dress the newest version of the tall tee, but it is also Akinz’ first venture into the world of fleece.  Check out Akinz’ new tall tees and hoodie dresses at

At Akinz boardwear we love life. We want you to love life. We want you to wear our clothes and love wearing them while you are loving life. Find your wings with Akinz!

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For more details please go to, call Suzanne Akin on 512-924-2429 or email at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Posted by Kelly Vance on 01/20


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