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Team rider Diane Damra had a chance to get out and test the 2010 gear with the crew from ahlivv.com - here are her favorites from the test. 

The annual WWSRA On-Snow demo gives industry reps a chance to ride the products that everyone checked out at SIA. This includes hard goods such as snowboards, boots and bindings. I invited a few girls to come along and help with the ski/board tests. Many thanks to ski testers: Krista Malek, Angeli VanLaanen, Candace Bruno and snowboard testers (myself) and Michelle Kazmier for coming out for the day. It was so refreshing to have such amazing girls there that were truly stoked to be on the snow testing next year’s ski and snowboard products. 

So many good looking boards for the 2009 -2010 season, but so little time to try them all! Everything I rode was really good. I was immediately fixated with my first ride of the day, the GNU B-Street Snowboard. Shortly after my fun board test I was gently reminded by one of the GNU girls that this board is amazing for jibbing, but not so amazing on jumps…I wonder if I can figure out a way to justify 2 park boards next season?! 

Top 9 Snowboards in order of fun-ness:

1. GNU B-Street Snowboard - GNU banana traction was by far most fun I had all day – this flexy playful board was my fave and I loved the pop! Most fun time making laps on the groomers and in the park. True Banana, soft flexing, twin, jib board. Carving and actually completing your turns are enlivening thanks to magne traction, this board will change the way you look at snowboarding. (I might have shed a tear when I had to return this board)
2. Burton Lipstick Snowboard - I was immediately at ease with this one. Really fun and poppy and the technology behind it is pretty cool. It’s called V-Rocker which features a center rocker between your feet, with additional rockers toward the nose and tail to aid in foot control, pressability, and pop! A more pronounced Pressure Distribution Edge carves with laser like precision which was really nice on the more icy parts of the runs. (I really didn’t want to give this one back either). Riding at high speeds produced 0 chatter.

3. Ride Canvas Snowboard and Bandita Binding- The top-shelf Canvas dishes out a smooth ride and sums up my top 3. The Canvas is a light and lively performance freestyle snowboard with a twin shape and transitional sidecut. I felt super board control and held an edge at really fast speed without catching on rails and boxes. It was a wee bit stiffer than your average jib board but it was really fun to maneuver around and press around. I had the most fun bombing down go-devil (a super fast steep run) This board performed better than average on fast icy runs.  The women’s version of the ‘Contraband’ binding (the Bandita) was really neat and provided a smooth cushiony ride. Here’s what Ride has to say about the Bandita:  “Ladies, the new Bandita is hot. Not hot like bought out of the back of a van hot, but a brand new hot design for your riding pleasure. Built for freestyle ladies ready to rip, the Bandita features the new women’s LuxLite highback for premium flex and single ratchet technology with the ultra secure V-Strap™.  The Bandita is also kitted with the new Wedgie 2.5 footbed to provide an added dose of comfort and boost of Ollie pop..” sick.

4. Burton Blender Snowboard – New for 2010, the Blender gets ICS technology – “An interface unlike anything else out there, the Infinite Channel System offers the ultimate bond between board and binding. Fully compatible with any Burton binding, this simple slot give you a level of adjustability that no traditional insert pattern could ever provide. Fine-tune your stance width with millimeter micro-adjustability, then dial in your toe-to-heel centering while rotating your angles in one fell swoop. For the full effect, link it up with an EST binding and experience the clearest, most cushioned, and comfortable connection to ever see snow.” I tried ICS with EST compatible bindings and was blown away. The ride was so real and you can almost feel the snow beneath you. I would love to have this technology on my powder board next season!

5. Roxy Torah Bright Snowboard – This twin is bomb proof with BTX - Banana-Traction replaces camber with rocker “banana” between your feet.  More control and more pop.  Rides better in all conditions. As soon as I strapped in and took off down the run, I knew this was gonna be a fun ride. In the park , I didn’t feel any catching or experience weird landings.. I definitely bombed down the run a couple times - no chattering. All in all, I felt confident, the board was fun to control and had more maneuverability than non-BTX board. Fun with butters and presses – way more flex than I thought it would have!

6. Ride Compact Snowboard- The low rise rocker made for a smooth ride without edges catching and a nice float on the groomers.  Flexy but solid with good control but not overly reactive.  Super fun board.  The Matix/Ride Sigma bindings were good.  The toe strap came across like a hybrid between a true toe strap and the traditional over the toe strap, with a stretchy middle to create a snug fit to the boot.

7. Technine Jib Snowboard with T-0 binding - Solid board for riders that like a stiffer ride.  Strong on jumps and park features -nice jibbing board. T-9 binding - easily adjustable toe strap to keep it centered on the boot. Comfy highback with flexibility in positioning.

8. Omatic Super Snowboard - This board was light and nimble with a stable twin-tip shape. No high tech behind it just a nicely constructed fun board! I almost died when I lost my edge at high speed on go-devil but I think it was user error vs. board error!

9. Capita Space Metal Fantasy Snowboard -  The women who love Capita now have a chance to ride a women’s specific FK board modeled after the horrorscope coming in 4 sizes: 143cm,145cm, 147cm, 151cm.

Read more and check out the rest of the photos at: http://www.ahlivv.com/life/2009/02/ahlivv-girls-get-the-scoop-at-the-on-snow-demo-snowboards/

Posted by diane on 02/18/09

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