Gear Review: Jess Kimura Pro 2016

The people of Capita are the self-proclaimed “Defenders of Awesome,” and we decided to put the “awesomeness” of one of their women’s boards, the Jess Kimura Pro, to the test. Capita is a company that has not forgotten the counterculture of snowboarding, and pays homage to it in their designs and videos. Capita’s team of riders is truly stacked, including Jess Kimura, one of the most progressive female riders of our time.

We tried the Jess Kimura Pro (an enhanced version of their popular all-mountain destroyer, the Birds of a Feather). This year Capita added a 138 option for this board. Spring conditions in Colorado are predictably unpredictable, and I was able to take the the Jess Kimura out in some seriously variable conditions. From heavy spring powder, to fresh windswept snow, to the slushiest slush possible. I also spent some time in the trees, in chunder, and of course, in the park.


Gabby testing out the Capita Jess Kimura Pro Model during a wintery May at A-Basin, Colorado.

Jess Kimura Pro Model

Reviewer: Gabby
Reviewer Size: 5’0”, 115 pounds
Board size: 138 and 142

A little about the reviewer:

I prefer boards that are softer and shorter. I generally spend my time jibbing in the park, or buttering around on the mountain—unless there is powder to be found, of course.

Park - Jibs & Small Features - 7
Park - Jumps and Large Features - 9
Pipe - x
Powder - 7
Steeps/Freeride Terrain - x
Ice - x
Slush/Spring Conditions - 7
Groomers and Carving - 8
Beginner Progression - 6
Intermediate Progression - 9
*scale from 1-10, 10 is best


What they say:

For 2015, we’ve redesigned the Jess Kimura Pro with a Canadian Maple Dual Core™, enhanced Dynaweave fiberglass, and a new 138 size. The shaping theories and construction reflect the durability and maneuverability required for her passion and your progression. One of the most decorated snowboarders of this decade, Jess Kimura has swept the Transworld Snowboarding Rider’s Poll Awards multiple times. Did you see her part in Defenders of Awesome 2? She definitely knows how to STAY BAD ASS. Jess has made her mark not only on women’s snowboarding, but on snowboarding itself. Her fan base crosses genders and is comprised of riders from all spectrums of the sport who appreciates her approach.



Jess Kimura is a boss, who charges hard on everything from backcountry booters to huge urban hits. Her pro-model board certain reflects that: it holds up on everything. The board is a true twin designed for park/all-mountain. For just jibbing, I found it to be a little stiff and not as playful as possible, though it locked into presses like a beast—almost frighteningly well. It’s definitely no noodle and would be better for riders who like to hit rails hard and fast, or hit jumps.

The board is designed with positive camber in the middle, which transitions to zero camber outside the inserts, and rocker at the very tip and tail, to increase stability and response, but also reap some of the benefits of rocker. I did find this to be effective: the board was great for jumping, and also had mean pop when I found the sweet spot.

For a more park-oriented board, it was great for carving and cruising around the mountain. I also got the chance to take it into some spring powder and it fared pretty well for a true twin. Although I wouldn’t choose it for deep powder, it would be great to take off natural hits, and was nimble in the trees.

I truly works as an all-around board. It didn’t just fair averagely; it did well in all types of terrain. While it may not be ideal for either extreme of just jibbing or deep pow, this board would be great for someone who cruises the whole mountain looking for hits, but also rides park quite a bit. With a bit of stiffness, and a fair amount of response, I wouldn’t recommend it for beginners, but rather for progressing intermediates up to the best of the best!

(And, of course, we have to mention the graphics, because seriously—galactic battle kittens. The artwork was designed by the talented artist and legend of snowboarding, Peter Line.)


Posted by Gabby Rainville on 08/30/15

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