Nitro’s poison binding and Mercy board

Nitro’s women’s binding called the Poison is a light wight binding with Stealth Air base frame to provide a soft under foot feeling along with being more flexible. You can also get the perfect fit on your straps with the micro drive ratchet system, the notches on the ladder of the strap are offset allowing a precise strap hold. The ladders are also cable reinforced, so if your ladder breaks you will still be able to ratchet down cause the cables will hold the ladder together. The Poison is a all mountain bidning, available in one size of s/m (6.5-10.5) and also with a stiffness of 8 making it more responsive.

The poisons micro drive ratchet system.

Stealth air base frame, making it light weight and flexible.

Nirto’s women’s board called the Mercy is a twin shaped freestyle board with a flex of 4, making it a little bit more on the soft and playful side. The Mercy has camber down the board and then smooths out at the tip and tail, allowing a responsive feel and turns on the spot. This board also has PowerCore ll giving you a tip to tail wood core and also beech wood stringers for stregth and insane pop.

Posted by Tarin O'Donnell on 02/04/17

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