WTF… Thursday?

Today as I was procrastinating doing anything productive, I wandered over to the new Burton Community website.  I’d checked it out a few weeks ago, while discussing the demise of the Burton Message Board with my boyfriend, who was saddened to hear that they might be killing off one of his favorite outlets for jackassery.  I was surprised to find they’d changed the community into a twitter-like list of random “updates” that you can respond to with stupid comments. Since then, they’ve decided to keep the BMB around, but refuse to link to it.  Now my boyfriend can mock people in peace… if they ever happen to somehow accidentally find the BMB.

Anyway, I had some spare time, and thought I’d check back and see what this crappy Twitter thing would be like once the BMB crowd got bored of spamming it as a means of protest.  I figured eventually they must realize they can’t justify the price of hating Burton: this might force them to ditch their head-to-toe Burton setups and admit there are other snowboard brands. 

And what did I find?  Well for one thing, I guess either WTF Wednesday wasn’t a very original column name, or Burton has been copying me.  What’s that you say? There are probably 80 other blogs with a similarly named column? Well, that still doesn’t mean Burton wasn’t copying ME - I mean, I am awesome.

The fact that they also have a different blog for each day of the week, with dorky forced alliterative names, like “Techknow Tuesday” and “Shop Stop Saturday” also gave me pause.  Perhaps it’s not cool to name your blogs after days of the week, after all!  Who would have thought?  This, of course, is redefining my entire definition of cool.  Wait, does this mean Yobeat’s blogs are dorky, too?  Shit.

Anyway, I’ve decided to rebel and post this on a THURSDAY.  Huge step, I know.  Perhaps next week, it’ll really freak you out and post a WTF on a Monday.  Or perhaps no one will do anything wtf-worthy and I’ll post a happy, non-griping column. Maybe it will even commend Holden for showing me what Laura Hadar’s nose looks like if you blow it up to gigantic (or I think that’s what it is).  And if Julie ever decides she loves beanies again, I think I’ll have her post Beanie Thursday on a Saturday, just to throw everyone off.

Posted by Kelly Vance on 09/24/09

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