Why Snowboarding is Better Than Chick Flicks

Hannah Adams

      o They don’t serve hot cocoa in movie theaters.
      o Instead of drooling over a hot guy, you could be riding with him.
      o You won’t cry at the end of it.
      o Two words: burning calories. (did you know that you burn more calories sleeping than watching TV?)
      o Snowboards make better companions than popcorn.
      o No late fees.
      o Although you may have had a Walk to Remember, you’ll remember this ride with a much bigger smile
      o It won’t embarrass guys to say they went with you.
      o Your health-conscious friends can’t complain about all the buttering.
      o “Happily ever after"s won’t happen while you’re watching someone else’s fairy tale.

Posted by admin on 02/12/07

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