Shred Betties at Dew Tour 2015: Women’s Slopestyle

Rachel Parent

“I was super worried last night looking at the weather every 5 minutes,” Anna Gasser said, standing at the bottom the Dew Tour Slopestyle course, first place trophy in hand. “Qualifiers were okay but we didn’t get any practice because it was really windy and super flat light, you couldn’t see anything. So I’m really happy with the way it went today.” The finalists seemed to have low expectations for the weather to hold out. Cold grey skies, and gusty winds made for iffy conditions on a technical course. But Mother Nature showed some support for the fellow ladies, and let up for an hour or so. “That’s what was so surprising about today, the sun was trying to peak out,” Hailey Langland exclaimed, all smiles, about the positive change in weather.

Breckenridge holds the first major competition of the year and with that comes the pressure to set the bar and show the whole snowboard world what you’ve got. Every year women push the standard more and more. We’re starting to see women throw 1080s and stomp rail tricks that haven’t been done in large scale comps yet. “I think for sure we’re going to see a lot of 900s. I’m really stoked at girls trying to step it up. Like Katie Ormerod doing a cab 9, and Cheryl doing a back 9. I wanted to keep it safe on my first run though. I was thinking of going for the 900 already but I’m pretty glad that I kept it easy but still really nice,” Anna told Shred Betties. When we asked her if she thought a technical rail game was key to taking the top spot these days, she told us, “I think it for sure helped me a lot today. I was trying to cab 270 for a long time now, but I never could do it in a contest. It’s kind of risky to do hard rail tricks in a contest, I’m glad it worked out.”

15-year-old Hailey Langland impressed all with the ease and style she carried through the massive course. Not only did she qualify first for finals, but she claimed third at her first ever Dew Tour—all before heading home for midterms.

At the end of the day, girls just wanna have fun. “It’s so exciting. It’s amazing to even be out here riding with all these great girls, and I’m just excited to be here.” Hailey buzzed. “I’m always star struck. I see Anna and Spencer, and I’m just like oh my god, I grew up watching them, so it’s kind of crazy to be riding with them. But we’re all super good friends.”

Look out for these women this winter. The bar is officially set and it only gets bigger from here.

Official results:
1st Anna Gasser: 91.20
2nd Spencer O’Brian: 86.60
3rd Hailey Langland: 85.60

Anna Gasser. Photo: Gabby Rainville.

Cheryl Maas. Photo: Kira Martinez.

Katie Ormerod on the second rail feature. Photo: Gabby Rainville.

Klaudia Medlova. Photo: Gabby Rainville.

Photo: Gabby Rainville.

Hailey Langland getting styley on the final booter of her third place run. Photo: Kira Martinez.

Katie Ormerod cleans the up rail on the third and final rail set. Photo: Gabby Rainville.

Spencer O’Brien laying down a frontside 720 off the toes, stomping her second place run. Photo: Gabby Rainville.

Anna Gasser spraying snow. Photo: Kira Martinez.

Klaudia Medlova, all smiles after putting down a full run on the massive Dew Tour course. Photo: Gabby Rainville.

Good friends Anna Gasser and Spencer O’Brien hug it out after snagging first and second place. Photo: Gabby Rainville.

Hailey Langland is stoked to be at Dew Tour, and even more stoked to take third. Photo: Gabby Rainville.

The podium. Photo: Gabby Rainville.

Team Rockstar reppin’. Photo: Gabby Rainville.

Another trophy for Spencer’s collection. Photo: Kira Martinez.

Posted by Gabby Rainville on 12/15/15

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