Road Trip: BC Powder with Marissa and Sabrina

Marissa Krawczak

Marissa enjoying a fresh coat of Kootney white.

British Columbia has a wide array of terrain, to say the least. In December, I moved to Revelstoke to check some of it out and hadn’t left at all in a month and a half, until this past weekend. I almost bailed out of the trip but my good friend, split boarding companion and teammate, Sabrina Gauthier booked an AirBnB in Nelson and showed up at my trailer Friday night ready to go south.

Whitewater Ski Resort from Mt. Evening

Our first ride stop was at Whitewater Ski Resort, just outside of Nelson. Upon arrival, Marketing manager and local snowboarder, Rebeckah gave us a quick rundown of the mountain and pointed out her favorite shred zones to start us off. It turns out they were all really good leads, and with the fresh blanket of snow, we could make no wrong turns. The sun stayed out all day, ski patrol bombed all morning and we had a plethora of pillows, trees and steeps to explore. While riding the lifts we scoped out some zones that looked fun to split board up to, and discussed our options for the next day over tailgate PB&J’s. I think something a long the lines of “It’d be so epic if we went to that zone.” was said a couple of times. “Let’s get up early…”

Sabrina popping her first backcountry pillow line

Marissa enjoying the pre-set skin track

Back up at Whitewater the next morning we readied our gear and legs to attack the skin track up to Evening Peak. Thanks to whoever set the track up, it was a mellow hour and a half to the summit and we only had to break trail around the top ridge line to the pillow zone we were aiming for. “I’ve never ridden pillows like this.” Sabrina said. Not sure if I really have either, it was full on and surprisingly untracked. It would remain our private powder-covered boulder field for the rest of the day. The sun faded in and out, we lapped as much as our legs could climb and did our best to plan lines, narrowly avoiding flat landings and deep holes. Sometimes though, you’ve just got to let it take you, it’s all just powder anyway! After lots of great experience route finding down and out and hiking up the road, our PB&J tailgate chatter went to the way of “I’m so glad we did that…”

Sabrina up close and personal with a pillow zone.

Sabrina breaking trail to get to the top.

It was off to Rossland next to ride Red Resort. We were greeted by our hosts Bella and Kelly as well as resort photographer Ryan and local snowboarders Jess and Rachel. The sun was out and the groomers were ripping! There was tons of energy on the mountain as BC celebrated family day and an overwhelming sense of cheer surrounded us, as the mountain had more snow coverage than it has had in years. It was a beautiful day, slush was slashed, Bella charged backside 1’s off the T-Bar money booter, I buttered around in my hoodie and Sabrina led us all to a super fresh pow stash in a creek drainage to end the day proper.

Red Mountain in some proper February sunlight

We took some sunset mountain river shots on the way home, reminisced and agreed upon a successful mission!

Special thanks to everyone at Whitewater Ski Resort and Red Mountain Resort for hosting us.

Posted by Kelly Vance on 02/10/16

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