Resort Rundown: Northstar at Tahoe

Words and Rider: Angela Halo Wilson

Photography by: Dylan Silver
It’s that time of year again, time for traveling to find more fun places to shred, and to re-visit places we’ve already ridden and had tons of good times. That’s what we were up to this week as we rolled into one of Lake Tahoe’s premier riding destinations, Northstar-at-Tahoe!

Northstar is one of Tahoe’s best resorts with a top rated park, with features for all levels of riders, from beginner to well-advanced.

The well maintained park has something for everyone, and has great options for progression. It’s a great place to improve your skills as it has (for example) a flat ride on box, to a gap on box, to a street style box. An easy way to build your confidence without too much consequence. The resort’s Vista Express takes you to their main park which contains small, medium, and large features. Some of the standouts were a corrugated down pipe, double barrel down rail, rollercoaster box, pole jam hip, and great jumps with a big and small side. Near the bottom of the resort is the halfpipe which was perfectly groomed and had a nice flow to it. For those of you who like to ride pipe, you should make your way to Northstar to ride theirs!

Not to be forgotten is Burton’s Stash, a backwoods, natural park area of the mountain that has tons of log rides (down flat down, down & flat!) and some cool logs that were cut in half, and clear coated for extra slidability. Also some cool features like road gaps, rainbow trees, and a house that you can jib on and chill in!

The Northstar experience is one I recommend to all ladies out there trying to improve your skills on the slope. It’s got great parking, a cool village, and easy access to the park. It is located in North Lake Tahoe, by the small (awesome) town of Truckee. Check out and plan your trip to Northstar at Thanks to the kind folks @ Northstar for having us out!

Posted by angelahalo on 01/20/11

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